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What health articles did Leesa write in December 2016?

    What health articles did I write in December 2016?     Hey! You may know that I write for other health and wellness professionals. I help them with blog posts, content strategy, as well as a bunch of projects. Some of them show me as the proud author; but, most are “behind-the-scenes” ghostwriting. Also, some are articles you can literally buy from me right now and upload to your health and wellness website in minutes! Have a look at some of the science-based health articles I’ve written.   Here are the health articles I’ve authored on other websites   Your gut bugs, what they eat and 7 ways to feed them   Brain Food Essentials: Walnuts   Here are some of the “done for you”, pre-written articles that you can buy and upload to your health and wellness website in minutes   (HINT: There are more in the works for February, so stay tuned! Here’s a link to all of the done for you pre-written posts for your perusal.)   Top Foods for Tissue Health Why we should all be lifting weights     Can I help you with your health & wellness content?   Need an awesome piece of scientifically-referenced content for your health and wellness website? You can check out some samples in my portfolio here, instantly download (and upload to your website) some pre-written “done for you” posts here, or if you’re ready for professionally written content customized for your business, click here.  

Healthy holiday gift guide

    Oh my gosh!  The holidays are coming right up, and if you’re anything like me, you want someone to narrow down your choices so you don’t needlessly waste time searching for great gifts for your health-conscious (and “sciency”) family and friends. I would love to present to you my Healthy Holiday Gift Guide (with a bit of science thrown in, of course)! The best part of this is not that I’ve curated amazing ideas for a healthy holiday, but since they’re all available for online ordering (with some affiliate links), then you don’t even have to tolerate those packed parking lots and endless store line-ups to get them! You’re welcome!  🙂 Oh, at the very bottom I’ve embedded my favourite version of my favourite Christmas song ever.  I hope you like it!   1 – For the socially conscious   I’m personally more impressed with the thoughtfulness of a gift, or quality time spent together with people I care about.  My favourite book of all time is “Your Money or Your Life” which guides you through several steps to understanding financial intelligence, financial integrity, and financial independence.  It’s quite an “anti-consumerist” book that helps you align your income and spending with your values. Please don’t take this post as encouragement to spend any more money or purchase any more things than you really need to. 🙂     2 – For the person who wants to stay warm and look awesome   While, I’m someone who enjoys winter (sitting by the fire while the snow gently falls), I’m also someone who enjoys staying warm! You may know someone who wants to stay warm AND look awesome too.  (Or that may be you?) SOLUTION:  My sister has an amazing line of handmade and designed in Canada all-natural winter accessories. Check