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How I decide which dietary supplements to promote (you can use these strategies too)

  There are literally tens of thousands of licensed natural health products (NHPs) available on the market in Canada.   Here’s how I decide which dietary supplements to promote   As a holistic health practitioner, there are many supplement products, companies, and affiliate opportunities to consider. How do you decide which ones to promote? I cannot speak for you, nor am I your legal or accounting representative. This post documents my personal position on affiliating myself with particular supplement companies and products. This is NOT a judgement of how you may choose supplements to promote! As long as the products you recommend are being manufactured and marketed ethically and legally, I have NO issues with who you choose to align yourself with, or which products you choose to market/sell, become a spokesperson for, promote, or be sponsored by. And, even if I did have an issue with something you do that is ethical and legal and that you firmly believe in, you probably shouldn’t care all that much what I say anyway! Why the “hard ass” stance, Leesa?   Here’s where my “hard ass” stance comes from: I am a scientist at heart, I have a lot of experience in and respect for regulatory affairs (more about that later), and Both 1 & 2 above have really fine-tuned my (BS) meter when it comes to identifying the marketing/sales information versus the scientific/medical information. I stand with science. Again, I AM NOT JUDGING YOU if you promote an ethically/legally manufactured and marketed product that you truly believe in. Go for it! Rock out your commission earnings and affiliate income. But please don’t bother getting upset with my opinion on the requirements I put on MYSELF when it comes to this.  I am not imposing anything on you. We can still be friends, yet do things differently…right? 🙂 And, of course, I also withhold the right to change my position

What all Canadians Should Know About Our Food and Supplement Laws

                          Canadians – You may be under the wrong impression about some of our laws…   There is A LOT of information in the media and on the internet about US regulations (laws). I don’t think there is enough information about the Canadian regulations. I mean, we get a lot of media programming from the US; not to mention the sheer volume of US health experts, bloggers, and documentaries.  And we certainly share many similarities with our neighbours to the south. But some things are very different in Canada.  Especially regarding the Canadian Food and Supplement Laws. Disclaimer 🙂   Before I begin, know that I’m NOT a lawyer, nor am I an expert in everything to do with food or supplement regulations. Having said that, I stick to topics that I know.  And I do know quite a bit about the Canadian food and supplement laws. I also do quite a bit of research before posting anything.  Please feel free to check the references I link to in any of my posts. I like to stick with credible resources, and if you have one that disagrees with anything I write, please post a comment – I’d love to learn more! So, for this post about Canadian food and supplement laws, most of my references will be to the actual regulations, or the government ministry in charge of that regulation. Before we begin, here’s what I’m NOT saying   I am NOT saying that the Canadian regulations are superior to any other country’s regulations. I am NOT saying that Canadian regulations are the best they can be. I am NOT saying these laws are being applied and enforced as best as they could. I am NOT saying that all companies uphold both the letter and the principle of all of the laws. What I AM Saying Is…   These Canadian regulations outline the requirements for foods