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Which supplements actually work, and what are the risks?

  There are lots of supplements out there – how do you know which ones really work, and what the risks are?   NOTE: Email opt-in is NOT required to watch this webinar or to download the handy comparison table, here is the direct link to the free webinar.  No strings attached!   However, if you’d like to receive a copy of the handy notes with screenshots and the steps covered in this webinar – you can sign up here: Yes! I want the webinar notes! How this webinar will help you   Have you googled “curcumin uses” lately? Here’s what I found:   Yup, almost half a million hits. Some of those site are reputable – they’ve done research, and have varying degrees of good information. Others are based on personal opinions, anecdotes and hearsay. Some even have sensationalized information or fear-mongering. Personally, that’s NOT my style So, how do you know which supplements have actually been shown to help reach those health goals? How do you know if they’ve been approved for that use? How do you know when they should NOT be used? Most of all, how do you find the relevant information quickly using freely available, credible websites? You are a holistic health professional who wants more confidence that your supplement recommendations have the science and regulatory approvals behind them.   That the supplements have been scientifically shown to help with your clients’ health goals. That they have been approved for those uses/purposes by Health Canada. And that they are not likely to pose a safety concern.   Click here for the replay of the webinar: “Which supplements actually work, and what are the risks?” Click to tweet: In this free webinar, I show you how to quickly find the science behind supplements, as well as approved uses and risk information. This webinar will show you