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I translate the science of health and wellness into understandable and fun articles for your readers.

Check out some samples below to see what I can create for your health business:

Here are a few shorter posts:

NeuroTrition – Your gut bugs, what they eat and 7 ways to feed them

prebiotics brain health

Claudia Petrilli – 8 signs you may be deficient in magnesium

signs you may be deficient in magnesium

NeuroTrition – Your brain on coconut oil: What the science is saying

your brain on coconut oil

Here are a few longer posts:

The Wellness Business Hub – Yes we DO have nutrient deficiencies!  Here’s the proof, and what you can do about it.

yes we do have nutrient deficiencies

Nutrition Interactions – Melatonin supplements: What do they actually do?

melatonin supplements

Nutrition Interactions – Foods vs. Supps: The turmeric vs. curcumin edition.

turmeric vs curcumin

My specialty is researching and writing about health and wellness topics such as:

  • Health goals – How to get healthy.

  • Nutrition & Food – The real benefits of eating better.

  • Supplements & Nutrients – Do they work? Are they safe?

  • Lifestyle – Stress. Sleep. Exercise.

My research includes credible websites and medical journals.

And not only do I really “get” the science, but I’m always improving my services for my clients.


I’ve also:

  • Taken the copywriting class, “From Lead to Launch” A complete step-by-step email marketing system for service-based business owners who want to attract more leads, more clients and make more sales. – September 2016
  • Invested in the “WebTextTool” software to help with keyword research and search engine optimization (SEO) for my articles – February 2017
  • Taking the “Simple Health & Science Writing” class to improve my ability to write simple, effective and engaging health content – February-March 2017
  • Member of “Serious Bloggers Only” the home for people who are serious about blogging – March 2017-present.
  • Purchased the writing software “ProWritingAid,the essential editing tool for every writer in April 2017


What people are saying:


Content marketing is king. From driving traffic to your site to getting new clients, to selling more services and products. I get that. But blogging and writing articles is just not my thing.

Enter Leesa. I highly recommend her for healthcare professionals passionate about getting their message out to the public—but less passionate about the actual writing piece.

Her passion for science and health writing is evident in every word she puts to paper (or screen?). Moreover, I really appreciate how she is able to capture our company’s tone and vibe so apparently effortlessly, and was writing in NeuroTrition’s business casual style in no time. My team and I love how she is so reliable, always on time, always professional. And the preparedness! Leesa takes the time and energy to research cool, trending topics in our field of nutritional neuroscience, and always comes to the table with innovative, fresh ideas. She is even thinking about content strategy and aligning her writing with our overall marketing plan and events—something almost unheard of in a writer, and a bonus beyond what my words can express.

Hire. Her. Today. I’m so glad we did!

Orsha Magyar, Founder & CEO, NeuroTrition


OK, OK, so I’m a damn good health writer…but how much do I really care about my clients’ success?


 “Leesa provided a lot of great nutritional advice.  She was thorough, a great listener, and genuinely cares”  
~ Michelle A


“Since working with Leesa I feel like I have more energy and don’t get that midday slump like I used to.  Leesa was very knowledgeable and non-judgmental.  She really seemed to care about what was best for me.  The bottom line is that she just wanted me to obtain optimal health.”
~ Karen V


“Leesa was very thorough and professional. She made relevant, concise and helpful suggestions. She is thoughtful and perceptive. She was available to answer my questions and was very supportive. I definitely recommend her.”
~Tania BR, B.A., B.Mgt.

But, what if you need just a bit more than health writing?

Maybe you need:

  • Up-to-date health researched “fact sheets” for your upcoming interview, video, podcast, or program?

  • Or a content strategy session to brainstorm health content ideas, and schedule them so they align with your business goals?

I can help you with this too (click here).

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