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Are you wasting too much time writing your own content?

What if you could:

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Don’t need an article? Use the well-researched information to create a vlog post or podcast episode.

Save HOURS each week, and hundreds of DOLLARS.

  • I charge 40c/word for ghostwritten researched articles just like these (that’s CAD$400 for 1,000 words). If you’d like a post specially written just for you, we can chat when you complete the form linked here.

  • But because I’m offering them to you for instant download, they are literally a fraction of the cost. A tiny fraction.

Even if you’re writing your own content most of the time, these individual articles can fill in the gaps when you need to take a break or fall behind schedule.

Feel free to change the headline, or tweak them however you see fit to match your voice and your audience.

Is this your current reality:

Spending hours researching a new topic, which can take days if you want to have a high-quality post, and then taking even more time on top of that to do the writing?

Or maybe you don’t publish content regularly at all?

What if, instead:

You could have a high-quality article ready to be published in just a few clicks?

Imagine having professionally-written, credible articles that are anything but boring or stuffy for less than a “professional” price. This will allow you to spend less time on content creation and more time doing what you’re passionate about in your wellness business.

These aren’t run-of-the-mill, vanilla health articles. They’re long-form, in-depth articles that share information backed by research in a fun and enticing way.

Publishing this content on your site will give you more credibility, visibility, and authority with your audience. All without you having to spend tons of time, effort or money.

What people are saying:

I’ve been using Leesa’s done-for-you articles and I am blown away by the value. These posts are epic, with citations to back them up (which I am always too lazy to do!).

Her writing is simple enough that it’s easy to add your own voice and personality, and her attention to detail in terms of grammar, spelling, and punctuation is amazing. If you’re struggling to create content for your biz, I highly recommend checking them out.

– Maranda, RHN

“As always, budget is a concern so I was worried about pricing. Also, didn’t know whether I’d be satisfied with final pieces.

I was thrilled to learn I could get a quality piece of writing for such an affordable price. I had the opportunity to check out some of her pieces and was very pleased with the quality and professionalism.

I’ve saved SO MUCH time and stress, by not having to worry about creating this pieces myself.

It was so easy. I simply let Leesa know what I’m looking for, she created a draft that I reviewed, she finalized it, I buy – Done!

I have confidence in knowing I am giving up to date, evidence-based guidance to my clients. Leesa is a science-nerd, a rare breed 🙂

I would recommend Leesa’s writing to anyone health, wellness, nutrition related business who doesn’t enjoy the researching and/or writing process.

– Yvette, CHN

I’ve been using Leesa for a few months now, and I totally love using her DFY blogs! It saves me time on those days when I just run out of steam keeping up with writing my own blogs, while trying to build a biz and taking care of life generally.

I love her content. It’s easy to read and understand, and she has great links! I also love the fact that I can alter the content to my heart’s content to make it sound more like my own voice.

I’m a flowery writer, that means it tends to get long. Leesa’s content is just the right length.

Reasonably priced, and I love her end of the month offers : )”

– Rebecca, C.H.N.C.

Instantly download one (or more) of these health articles:

Featured health article

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Health Goals

Health Goals

Food and Nutrition articles

Food & Nutrition

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Fitness articles


Sleep articles

Sleep & Stress

Skin, hair, & nails

Beauty – Skin, hair, & nails


Add some “you” into the articles. Change the tone, add in some of your favourite phrases, tell a related story, add some “tips” or a recipe at the end.

Click here to read my article of the best strategies to customize “done-for-you” articles.

You’re in luck, I take requests! I can research and write a science-based article on the topic you need. Just fill out the online form linked here, and we’ll book a quick chat.

Excellent! Then you can borrow my “science brain” and have me do in-depth research a topic for you. Then, you can use the information and references to create content in whichever format you prefer. Just complete this online form, and we’ll book a quick chat so I understand your needs.

No way! These are not sold pre-packaged together. You can pick and choose any articles you want, and publish them whenever you need to. And because you can customize them to fit your voice, there won’t be dozens of people publishing the same content at the same time.

Great! Each article is sold individually, so just pick however many you want. These are great if you just need to catch up on one or two week’s worth of content, then you can just download one or two posts.

These done-for-you posts are a great, budget-friendly way to get consistent high-quality health content to your blog readers, email subscribers, and social media followers.

No, you probably won’t rank on Google with any duplicate “done for you” content. But, 800-1,400 word posts won’t rank anyway (even if they’re unique). Google prefers epic keyword optimized “skyscraper” posts with a bunch of backlinks (and they have dozens of other secret criteria for SEO to rank on page 1).

If you want epic “skyscraper” 3,000+ word posts written to try to get YOU to rank on Google, then I have you covered. Check out my custom content options here.

You can do almost anything with them. Publish on your website as is, or modify however you want to. You can use the information to create a vlog post or podcast episode. You can break them up into multiple articles.

You can’t submit them to other sites as guest posts.

And (of course) you can’t re-sell them.

I can definitely research and write something exclusively for you!

I charge 40c/word for ghostwritten researched articles just like these (that’s CAD$400 for 1,000 words). If you’d like a post specially written just for you, we can chat when you complete the form linked here.

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