Custom ghostwritten health writing, research, & content strategy
Six-month packages

Want to set up a health content strategy, and then have it on “autopilot” for at least six months?


You are in the right place!

Consider me your content creator and manager for your wellness business…because you have other things you want to spend time on.

Here’s how it works:

We begin with a content strategy session to review your best content from the last three months, and then together we plan your next three months.

I research and create custom ghostwritten content for you, on-time, as we agree in the plan, and the only thing you need to do is a quick review of each piece, and upload it to your site along with an image.

Hi, I’m Leesa Klich, a health writer and content strategist for busy wellness professionals.

I translate the science of health and wellness into understandable and fun articles for your readers.

Leesa Klich Health Writer

What people are saying:

Content marketing is king. From driving traffic to your site to getting new clients, to selling more services and products. I get that. But blogging and writing articles is just not my thing.

Enter Leesa. I highly recommend her for healthcare professionals passionate about getting their message out to the public—but less passionate about the actual writing piece.

Her passion for science and health writing is evident in every word she puts to paper (or screen?). Moreover, I really appreciate how she is able to capture our company’s tone and vibe so apparently effortlessly, and was writing in NeuroTrition’s business casual style in no time. My team and I love how she is so reliable, always on time, always professional. And the preparedness! Leesa takes the time and energy to research cool, trending topics in our field of nutritional neuroscience, and always comes to the table with innovative, fresh ideas. She is even thinking about content strategy and aligning her writing with our overall marketing plan and events—something almost unheard of in a writer, and a bonus beyond what my words can express.

Hire. Her. Today. I’m so glad we did!

Orsha Magyar, Founder & CEO, NeuroTrition


If you want to have amazing high-value health content that you can “set and forget”, then I invite you to consider working with me.

Check out my portfolio page for samples of writing I’ve recently done for other wellness websites.

I’ve got three levels of monthly health writing, research, and content strategy services

All are:

  • Customizable (What format would you like your “words” in? Multiple blog articles? Epic article(s) or an ebook? Opt-in freebies/Content upgrades?)

  • 100% unique health content

  • Ghostwritten

  • Scientifically-referenced

Basic monthly

Content strategy sessions months 1 & 4

3,000 words/month

As 4 x 750 word or 2 x 1,500 word articles

or 1 (almost) “epic” post

or “lead magnets/content upgrades”

Moderate monthly

Content strategy sessions months 1 & 4

5,000 words/month

as 4 x 1,250 word or 2 x 2,500 word articles

or 1 “epic” post

or “lead magnets/content upgrades”

VIP Monthly

Content strategy sessions months 1 & 4

7,000 words/month

As 4 x 1,750 word or 2 x 5,500 word articles

or a short ebook

or “lead magnets/content upgrades”

What people are saying

“Leesa conscientiously offered to transcribe the entire 10 week MegaVitamin course after being a student in its first offering. She has excellent medical writing skills including medical terminology, spelling, grammar, and punctuation. She efficiently transcribed the video course into a 161-page pdf eBook which we now include as part of subsequent course offerings.  She needed minimal direction, and her work was of very high quality.  And she was a joy to work with as well.

I highly recommend her for health transcription opportunities if you want someone who has experience, and is very accurate and professional. And most importantly – it will be a hassle free journey.”

Trevor King, on behalf of Andrew Saul

Transcription of MegaVitamin Course

Leesa Klich Health Writer

Why hire me?

I’m not just a health writer and content strategist for busy wellness professionals.

  • I’m a science-based holistic nutritionist (MSc, R.H.N.).

  • I know (and value) the holistic approach to health, and I’m pretty awesome at digging into the scientific research to see what’s what (and sometimes even I’m surprised with what I find).

  • Not to mention the fact that I freaking LOVE doing it!

Leave me to worry about your content, so you can…well, do whatever else you want to.

Book a “content call” with Leesa

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I’ve created a list of my “go-to” credible health and nutrition resources, as well as some great links to understanding and evaluating health science for everyone who completes this survey. I would totally appreciate if you can please spend a couple of minutes to let me know how I may be able to help you with your health writing needs in the future.


The entire contents of this website are based upon the opinions of Leesa Klich, MSc RHN. Please note that Leesa is not a dietitian, physician, pharmacist or other licensed healthcare professional. The information on this website is NOT intended as medical advice, nor is it intended to replace the care of a qualified health care professional. Always consult your doctor for all diagnoses, treatments and cures for any diseases or conditions, as well as before changing your health care regimen.