Want 60+ health blog post ideas you can create in 60 minutes?

Send them to me!

Want 60+ health blog post ideas you can create in 60 minutes?

Send them to me!

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Leesa Klich is a content & credibility specialist for wellness professionals (a.k.a. health blogging nerd). Strategically planned, high quality, science-based content to help grow your business is her jam. She helps with all things health blogging, from research to writing to strategizing, all with the goal of elevating the wellness industry and improving public health on an epic scale.

How do you want to ramp up your health & wellness blog?

Health Blog Content

Need blog post ideas or premium pre-written "done for you" health articles so you have more time to do what lights you up?

Health Blog Strategy

Need your blog to build your email list and attract new clients? I can help you optimize your blog, and create a strategy and a plan that works!

Research & Credibility

Need research to create more credible health content for your blog or programs? I can help you find and interpret it, or just do it for you!

Not sure where to start ramping up your health blog?

Discover How to Use Your Blog to Generate More Subscribers and Attract Clients

My VIP Health Blog Optimization Plan is the perfect place to start!

health blog optimization plan

I’ll go through your last six blog posts to uncover what you can optimize, and which pieces had the best engagement.

This includes things like:

  • How your health blog is set up and how easy and intuitive it is to navigate and search.

  • How you can optimize your blog post format, content, calls-to-action, and promotion.

  • How you can strategically plan posts to reach your business goals.

Click here for all the details about the VIP Health Blog Optimization Plan.

Here’s what people are saying

“I highly recommend Leesa’s writing skills to any health & wellness professional who wants amazing content to boost their business and save tons of time. Leesa’s health writing, both published and ghostwritten, has allowed me to produce more content, and launch new products that have increased my revenue. Her writing is both well-researched and fun to read. Behind the scenes, she is reliable, excellent at communicating with my team, and a pleasure to work with.”

Lori Kennedy, R.H.N.
Creator of The Wellness Business Hub, The Wellness Business Academy,
The Wellness Business Summit, and lorikennedyinc.com