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Hi, I’m Leesa!

Health Writer – Blogging Expert – Research Nerd.

Credible content marketing for the wellness industry.

I help health and wellness professionals build their authority with strategically-planned, easy-to-read scientific health content. They want to stand out in the crowded, often unqualified, market of entrepreneurs. I help them establish trust with their audiences, add credibility to their services, and save them a ton of time so they don’t have to do the research or writing themselves.

The funny thing is, that while health writing is my zone of genius (and I freaking love it!), I kind of fell into it.

As a science-based holistic nutritionist, I was recognized for my health writing skills and was asked to author and ghostwrite by a few fellow nutritionists. It took me a few months to realize that this is EXACTLY how I love to work, and who I love to work with.

I thrive on diving into PubMed and “getting my head around” health topics, and then beautifully translating that scientific jargon into…well…English! I have an MSc in Biomedical Toxicology and Nutritional Science and am also a Registered Holistic Nutritionist having completed studies in Natural Nutrition.

I’ve worked in R&D in the food industry, as well as Pharmacovigilance (collecting, documenting, reviewing, and reporting adverse events) in the prescription drug, over-the-counter, medical device, and natural health product industries for 12 years before starting my own nutrition consultation, and now, health writing and content strategy business.

I invite you to read more about my unique health philosophy (and why I don’t fit in) right here.

I continue to improve my writing. For example, I’m taking the Simple Health & Science Writing course offered by the Health Writer Hub and have been a member of Serious Bloggers Only since March 2017. Since November 2018 I’ve earned a few certifications from Yoast:

Leesa Klich successfully completed the Keyword research course!

Leesa Klich successfully completed the All-around SEO course!

Leesa Klich successfully completed the SEO copywriting course!

Media bio

Leesa Klich is on a mission to help wellness practitioners get the right information to pass on to their clients and audience to build their businesses and improve public health on an epic scale.

Frustrated with the misuse and misinterpretation of health research, Leesa is combining her Master of Science degree and 12 years in the health products industry with her holistic nutrition training and passion for focusing on what’s right, not who’s right.

While working in the health products industry Leesa always felt like a hippie in the corporate world. She chose to study holistic nutrition and during that time realized she felt stuck in the middle. People on both sides (medical science and holistic health) often seemed to be more interested in where the message came from (who’s right), instead of looking at the actual information (what’s right).

Now Leesa is on a mission to fix the BS on the internet and get the right information in people’s hands. Is this a claim we actually know isn’t true, or is it really substantiated? And let’s recognize the aspects of holistic health have real research backing their claims!

For over 2 years Leesa has been serving 5,000 online wellness practitioners helping them to understand and create quality content based on the best scientific research. Leesa also creates customized and done-for-you blog posts, and helps optimize health blogs and strategize content to grow credible wellness businesses.

Here are a few random facts about me:

  • I’m married and have two amazing daughters.
  • While growing up and spending most of my life near Toronto (central Canada), I have lived in both Western and Eastern Canada.
  • I’m a lifelong knitter.  I also design and create hand made all-natural hats for UrbanOrchard.ca (and I was the model for the 2012/13 season collection).
  • I love baking and my slow-cooker (I guess I’m a “set it and forget it” kinda cook).
  • My favourite book of all time is Your Money or Your Life by Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin.  I read the whole thing one weekend and still go back to it (not to mention I was one of the first people to buy the 2008 update – so now I have two copies).
  • My favourite health writer of all time, who I KNOW I will meet one day, is Julia Belluz.
  • One of my passions is improving public health, which is why I went into pharmacovigilance, and nutrition, and am now a science-based health writer and content strategist.  I think that educating people about the facts is one step toward having them understand and implement better health choices.  I’ve been toying with the idea of getting my MPH degree one day too.
  • After graduating university and working full-time, I often took part-time courses in Management and Law.
  • I’m a lifelong-learner and online challenge junkie.
  • Before going to the University of Guelph, I completed my diploma in Chemical Engineering Technology.  I then realized I didn’t want to go to university to become an engineer, so changed my focus to Biomedical Toxicology (and married an engineer). Oh, and I graduated with my Master of Science in Biomedical Toxicology from the department of Human Biology and Nutritional Sciences too.
  • I have a lot of respect for the scientific process, and truly believe it’s the best method we have to objectively understand our world and ourselves; but I have even more respect for those who are transparent about some of the issues it faces so the scientific community can learn from its mistakes and improve.
  • I’m anaphylactically allergic to Brazil nuts, so I can identify with people who have food allergies.
  • Some of my favourite movies are:
    • The Wizard of Oz (because everyone is born with everything they need, and don’t need to look outside of themselves for validation or a path forward),
    • Crash (because you really don’t know what people are going through, and good people can make bad mistakes).
Leesa Klich Health Writer

What people are saying about me

 “Leesa provided a lot of great nutritional advice.  She was thorough, a great listener, and genuinely cares”
~ Michelle A

 “Since working with Leesa I feel like I have more energy and don’t get that midday slump like I used to.  Leesa was very knowledgeable and non-judgmental.  She really seemed to care about what was best for me.  The bottom line is that she just wanted me to obtain optimal health.”
~ Karen V

Want high-quality, well-researched, more frequent health content to increase your visibility, credibility, and revenue?

You are in the right place!

I’m Leesa Klich, MSc., R.H.N., a Health Writer – Blogging Expert – Research Nerd on a mission to help wellness practitioners get the right information to pass on to their clients and audience to build their businesses and improve public health on an epic scale. When it comes to health, my passion is focusing on what’s right, not who’s right. I help wellness practitioners build credibility by understanding and creating quality content based on the best scientific research. I also compile health research, create customized and “done for you” blog posts, and help strategize and plan blog content. To work with me, click here.

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