2019 Wellness blog trends

2019 Wellness Blog Trends

2019 wellness blog trends

Welcome to 2019!

It’s that time of year full of resolutions for us and our clients. What feels like a fresh start gives way to fresh hope and fresh commitments.

Whether you’re starting a wellness blog, re-igniting it, or ramping it up big time, here are some 2019 wellness blog trends to consider.


1 – The wellness industry is growing, so now’s the time to step up and stand out

Last year the wellness industry grew to a whopping $4.2 trillion (that’s huge!).

Right now is an absolutely amazing opportunity because more and more people are spending more and more money on their wellness. Whether you offer services (e.g. nutrition consulting, personal training, etc.) or products (e.g. health foods, fitness gear, etc.) you live in an awesome time, my friend!

This also means that more and more people, qualified or not, are launching wellness brands to get their piece of the pie.

How to step up and stand out in the wellness industry

The wellness industry is growing, so now's the time to step up and stand out! #Wellness #Industry #StandOut Share on X


2 – Watch the industry trends (but not too closely)

Lots of people are seeing and predicting where 2019 is going for wellness. We all know industry trends come and go (and most often it’s way faster than the science that proves if these trends even help!!! – see #3 below).

How to watch for (and create) trends

  • Read some wellness trend predictions from experts to get ideas and inspiration
  • Listen to and survey your clients, customers, email subscribers, blog readers, and social media followers to see what they want from you
  • Start your own trends with your knowledge, expertise, personal position, and passion
Wellness bloggers: Watch industry trends (but not too closely) #WellnessIndustry #Trends #2019 Share on X


3 – Keep up with research in your niche

Do you know how many health-related scientific studies are published each year? Hundreds of thousands!

This is Ah-mazing! Each year we learn more about just about everything. #ResearchNerd

Of course, you don’t need to read, interpret, and critically evaluate every single study in your niche. But, definitely keep your finger on the pulse of what’s new and relevant for you and your audience. This way you can learn what’s going on and jump into the conversation when it’s happening.

I’ve been known to bump my regularly-scheduled blog post for a new hot, trending topic from time to time – like when recreational cannabis was legalized in Canada, when a study out of the University of Alberta found heavy metals in every prenatal vitamin supplement in Canada, or when California ruled that coffee needs a cancer warning.

And watch out for fake health news – that stuff spreads so far, so fast. Sadly, it happens when people misinterpret or overexaggerate studies/legal rulings, take one person’s experience as a universal public health recommendation, or simply make up BS that spreads fear, disgust, and surprise to divide and conquer the population.

How to keep up with research

Wellness bloggers: Keep up with health research and ditch the fake news... please! #Health #Research #FakeNews Share on X


4 – Keep up with content marketing – however it works best for you

Content marketing includes your blog, email newsletters, social media posts, online advertising, etc. It excludes paid advertising because it relies on providing valuable content to your audience to build their “know, like, and trust” factors with you over time.

If you’re sick of seeing ads everywhere, your (non-online entrepreneurial) ideal clients have been sick of it for even longer!

The benefits of content marketing are insane when compared with paid advertising. It’s just so, so worth it.

I gathered stats from experts – content marketing boasts:

  • Lower costs
  • Deeper long-term benefits
  • Generating more leads
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Awesome for visibility, traffic, and SEO
  • Helps you become a thought leader

How to keep up with content marketing

The benefits of content marketing are insane when compared with advertising. #ContentMarketing #Blogging #Wellness Share on X


5 – Ramp up your content marketing even further

I’ve been helping a few clients improve their blog content and domain authority using keyword research and SEO-optimization strategies.

You know what?

Their competitors are doing the same thing!

As my clients’ numbers improve, so do the numbers of the websites they’re trying to outrank.

Because content marketing is so awesome for business, more people are using it more strategically. The crowded online wellness marketplace is getting more competitive. Even though there are more people spending more money in the wellness industry (hello $4.2T) – whatever you did last year can be improved, at least a bit, for 2019 – amirite?

If this sounds hard, know that you will get out of your increased content marketing efforts a bit less in 2019 than in previous years. #BSfree

So, if you increase your efforts by, say 10-20%, you may end up in the same spot as you were in 2018 (because your competitors are working harder too). So that means similar traffic, engagement, conversions, and income.

But, if you increase your efforts by, say 50-60%, you may well end up 30-40% farther ahead than in 2018.

How to ramp up your content marketing

  • Create better quality more engaging content – be it blog posts, videos, podcast episodes, infographics, or social media posts. Do this by really honing in on your niche and your ideal clients and make sure your blog posts are clickable, interesting, visible, shareable, subscribable, and sellable. Begin with my Ultimate Health Blogging Checklist.
  • Start or ramp up your SEO efforts. Getting found by Google is, IMO, waaaay better than constantly pushing social media. People are finding you exactly when they’re searching for what you have to offer – they’re “warm” traffic. And, once you’re on the top of page 1, you have zero maintenance – the traffic flows effortlessly to you every single day.

PRO TIP: I’ve tasted the benefits of ranking on Google while ditching some social media time (if you’ve been tagging or trying to contact me on FB, please just email me). This means I’m really focussing on SEO in 2019. More keyword research, on-page optimization (e.g. quality content, internal links, etc.), and off-page optimization (e.g. guest posts, interviews, etc.). In fact, I’m investing in SEO in a big way: I recently upgraded my SEO plugins and software and am going through Yoast’s SEO Academy to really rock the search engines in 2019!

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The wellness industry is growing fast, so knowing (and creating) trends is great for 2019. This year is going to be a bit harder for you to grow your traffic, subscribers, leads and sales online, so check out the resources I have linked above to start ramping up your content marketing game to boost your biz in 2019.


Signing off and toasting: Here’s to rocking those 2019 wellness blog trends.


Over to you

What do you think? Are you ready to watch and create your own 2019 wellness blog trends? Do you have a content marketing digital strategy that’s going to grow your biz in 2019?

I’d love to know (in the comments below)!

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