Health and wellness pros: Kick off 2020 in the best way

Health and wellness pros: Kick off 2020 in the best way

2020 health blog

Happy New Year!

It’s that time for a fresh start with new (and renewed) commitments for us and our health-seeking clients. Maybe you have business-related goals, like becoming a centre of excellence, or maybe personal ones like supporting a charity.

When it comes to business-related goals, what are they and how do you make them happen?

Here are some of the best resources I’ve found to help you kick off 2020. Whether you need to know wellness industry trends, keep up-to-date with new health research, or get more clients. If you know me, you know that I only share credible info from top experts in their fields, so check them out below.


2020 wellness industry trends


In 2018 (the most recent data available) the wellness industry grew to a whopping $4.2 trillion–that’s huge! Like, bigger than pharma drug huge!

Right now is an absolutely amazing opportunity because more and more people are spending more and more money on their wellness. Whether you offer services (e.g., nutrition consulting, personal training, etc.) or products (e.g., health foods, fitness gear, etc.) you live in an awesome time, my friend!

This also means that more and more people, qualified and credible or not, are launching wellness brands to get their piece of the pie. This means it’s time to step up and stand out!

What are the wellness trends for 2020?

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Keep upgrading your knowledge with new research


successful blog tips Maya Angelou quote

Don’t worry, you don’t need to read and interpret every single new study, if you did that you wouldn’t have time to run a successful business. Here’s the efficient way to do this: follow credible people online who share science-based health information and research credible sites when you create content, products, and programs.

As a lifelong learner and research nerd, I can’t emphasize the importance of keeping up-to-date with new research in your niche. Barring the sometimes inaccurate and sensationalized media coverage of the latest health trend (which your conscientious clients will be asking you to clarify!) science is progressing—and your expertise should, too.

Yes, on one hand there are some “tried and true” health hypotheses: most people should eat more veggies, fewer ultra-processed foods, and get more physical activity and better sleep. These are what most people can do to improve their health and these are fundamentals. But researchers are uncovering more and more about the mechanisms behind how these work in the body. There is a consistent flow of discovery of new nuances and complexities that throw a spotlight into areas we previously just guessed at. Areas where even just ten years ago, we completely speculated about, and now we know so much more.

Not to mention that knowledge is power and I want you to feel the power of health science (and use it as a surefire way to stand out from the growing crowd of non-experts giving incorrect and potentially harmful health advice)!

Where to find credible health research

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Strategies to get more clients


Probably one of the most common challenges is getting new, paying, ideal clients.

Here are some expert ways to get new clients

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Your health blog grows your client base organically


As you’ve seen above, there are many ways to get new, paying, ideal clients. But, honestly, my blog has brought me the best clients. Here’s why: Using your blog to market your business with quality content is a generous non-confrontational way to attract your ideal clients. You’re not constantly giving your hard-earned money to the largest corporations on earth to push/boost/advertise your opt-in freebies. Instead, your blog builds a relationship with potential clients based on sharing your trusted expertise and pulling them toward you.

Do you see the different dynamic between push marketing and pull marketing?

Consistently paying to push your stuff out there feels way more salesy, inauthentic, and artificial. Not to mention that tap shuts right off the second you stop funding it. On the other hand, using your blog for content marketing builds your authority and attracts ideal clients who are looking for what you’re offering. Plus, it builds your intellectual property on your website, grows your email list organically, and continues to get found for months and years to come (the tap doesn’t turn off when you stop funding it).

How to ramp up your health blog in 2020

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On a more personal note, here’s what I and nine other entrepreneurs learned in 2019 (I’m #4)


Being an entrepreneur is hard. And not only hustling hard, but it’s often misunderstood and not very well supported when it comes to friends and family.

It’s nice to be amongst like-minded people (entrepreneurs).

Here are some entrepreneurial and personal lessons learned in 2019 (I’m #4)

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2020 is an opportunity for new goals for all of us. As a credible health and wellness professional, there are a few keys to keep in mind: industry trends, keeping up with new research, getting more clients, and how your health blog can build your business.


Signing off and toasting: Here’s to rocking 2020.


Over to you


What do you think? Are any of these your number one business goal?

I’d love to know (in the comments below)!

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