Business Excellence – Why you need it and how to get it

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Business Excellence – Why you need it and how to get it

Business excellence for the health & wellness industry lemons

You’re an online health and wellness entrepreneur.

You know the wellness industry is larger than the pharmaceutical industry. There’s a lot of competition. It sometimes feels like the market is saturated with people who are less qualified, less experienced, and are in it for the money first (health second).

But not you.

You want to stand out because of your education, expertise, and unique brand. Because you care deeply about your clients’ health–and everyone else who sees your message. But, you’re not sure how to feel like you’re at that level of business excellence.

Right now is a great opportunity to rise above the noise. To stand out in a way very few in the industry are.

That is by embracing and delivering excellence.


Why embrace business excellence?

You have a vision and a mission to truly improve the health of thousands–no, millions of people. You know how to help them reach their wellness goals. That’s exactly what you went to school for and continue to learn about.

(I know–I’m you!) 🙂

Plus, you want to be successful and enjoy your life. You want more time (and money) for learning, self-care, and maybe even travel. You want the feeling that you have enough (whatever “enough” means to you).

You also know that your message is not reverberating around the world as you want it to. You see so many other people in the industry who seem to be doing exceptionally well. You also see that many of them have similar health messages and use similar methods to market them.

It’s generic.

By elevating your business to excellent you can do all of these things:

  • Reach more people
  • Help more people
  • Become the “go to” for your niche
  • Be memorable
  • Make a bigger difference

I think it’s easy to stand out now because so few people are truly embracing business excellence.

As Robin Sharma, one of the top five leadership experts in the world says, “You can be risk-averse or you can own the game.”

The quality of businesses today

Sharma says–and I agree–there is a “massive deprofessionalization of business.” It’s as if businesses now are becoming more short-sighted, profit-centred, and lack the attention to detail to really drive creativity, innovation, and excellence.

Would you agree?

Let’s consider online businesses.

  • Do you see more low-quality, mass-market online products out there than ever before?
  • Do you see so many people who tend to blend into one another?
  • Do you feel like quality is secondary and quantity is king?

All this noise gives people 100% justification to price shop–it’s practically all the same stuff everywhere.

In your business, do you want to compete on price? Do you want to become a commodity, like copper or coffee?

Or, are you delivering unique quality and world-class value?

And charging prices that reflect that?

The quality of online marketing

This year I’ve noticed a trend in blogging–not just the wellness industry, but everywhere.

Because of the growing number of websites, online businesses, and blogs, it seems that consistent blogging (focusing on quantity) isn’t cutting it anymore. It’s not going to get you noticed.

Don’t unconsciously follow the crowd. Mediocrity is everywhere! Rise above the noise of consistently average content.

Consistently average content worked to market your online business for a while.

Until 2019.

Now, I highly recommend focusing on quality content—even if that means blogging just once every two weeks. Now truly is the time to step up and stand out.

BUT, make sure that blog post or program or service is good, if not excellent! (More on that below.)

If the content you’ve been putting out online (i.e., blog posts, etc.) doesn’t reflect the excellence of your business, now is the time to raise your bar!

What one thing can you do to own your domain/niche?

Very few people will be remembered–be one of them!

I disagree with: “Done is better than perfect”

Have you heard the saying:

Done is better than perfect.

I totally disagree with it.

Here’s why.

I don’t think done or perfect should even be options when it comes to our businesses, brands, and reputations.

It’s a false dichotomy and totally unreasonable. In my (not-so-humble expert opinion) neither done nor perfect should even be part of the online game.

Why not “perfect?” – If striving for perfection is holding you back, I get it. You probably shouldn’t be spending weeks on one blog post or dedicating days to researching one question from your client. Perfection isn’t necessary.

Why not “done?” – BUT, done is not an option either. Why settle for done?

To me, done means putting something out into the world without much thought or care. It’s mediocre and one surefire way to become lost in the online noise of your niche.

Unless you have a teeny tiny market with a massive appetite and zero competition, why would you smear your brand with work that’s merely done?

Let’s use the more reasonable options: good and excellent.

Here’s what I propose instead:

Done Excellent is better than perfect good.

Business excellence Excellent is better than good star

Why “good?” – Good, is the minimum you should reach for, in my opinion (not done… good). By at least caring enough to elevate something from done to good you can start to be in the game. You can start to stand out from the crowd and give yourself the confidence to promote and share your work with pride. It’s a baseline minimum standard to strive for.

Why “excellent?” – Excellent, on the other hand, is my preferred benchmark. What you put out there reflects your expertise and the level of care your clients can expect from you. Have you heard:

The way we do one thing is the way we do everything.

Excellent is a great sweet spot to be in. You don’t need to be frozen with perfection or slapping garbage together with done.

Make everything you put into the world good, if not excellent!


How to embrace business excellence

Business excellence is do-able because your business is in your hands. If you want to rise above the chatter of generic and washed-up messages, here are four simple steps to get there:

1 – Stop comparing

We’ve all heard the famous quote:

Comparison is the thief of joy.

So, let this day be the last that you feel bad about where you are, how long it took you to get here, or what you think is fair.

Stop paying attention to the people who make you feel bad:

  • Unsubscribe from their emails
  • Unfollow them on social media
  • Spend time every day forward building the excellence you want to give the world

According to Sharma, “Your job is to lead, not to follow.”

And, from personal experience (and logic), it’s super-easy to stop following others if you don’t keep tabs on what they’re doing anymore! 😉

Plus, if you keep up with what is going on, you’re going to continue to be uninspired by the lack of innovation and originality. By the diluted messages and social media “noise” coming from the industry.

Stop following. Stop comparing. Build your business excellence.

2 – Create and deliver world-class value

No shame starting at done if you need to, but improve it until it’s at least good. Whether it’s a piece of content (i.e., blog post, etc.) or your product or program, make sure it’s good. Really good.

Then, take that good thing and refine it until it is excellent:

  • Pay attention to details
  • Research from credible health sites
  • Customize it for your audience
  • Personalize it with your experiences and stories
  • Make it more valuable than anything else in its class

Even if you’re in the market providing super entry-level low-cost stuff–is it good stuff? Excellent stuff? Is it helpful and valuable? Is it worth many times over what you’re charging for it?

Let’s all be next-level generous to our customers and clients by providing them with our excellence.

Help them get the absolute most value out of your work with them. Don’t take them for granted or treat them as your bank machine.

Take the opportunity to go the extra mile and deliver amazing value.

Ask yourself what they need to become more successful and reach their goals from your work? Then, give them that.

You can do it by adding bonuses or free gifts. Better yet, surprise them with something awesome that’s not on your sales page, wasn’t in your discovery call, and they’re not expecting.

“Last year’s winning performance is this year’s baseline,” says Sharma.

Uplevel your expertise, brand, and niche!

Become your niche’s example of business excellence.

3 – Proudly promote your world-class value

THIS is why excellence is so very important: it gives you the confidence (or mindset) to proudly promote your work to reach your ideal clients.

If you’re not happy with the content, product, or program you put out, how strongly are you going to promote it? Are you going to subconsciously have an unconfident inferiority complex about it? Will you share it on one social media channel once and then be done with it?

With excellence under your belt, you can promote your products and services with pride. You can feel good about your prices (and even raise them… again).

If you’re not confident in your work and if your heart and soul aren’t in the game, do you think your potential clients can tell?

Repetition is key when you’re trying to get a point through to people (like, how excellent your stuff is). Sharing your things with them over and over in many different ways is key to being remembered.

At Robin Sharma’s Personal Mastery Academy a few weeks ago he gave a great reason to mention things more than once:

“Sometimes you’re going to think about something I said and you might miss other things I’ve said,” says Sharma.

Don’t we live in a world that seems to be full of distraction and decreasing attention spans? How is your business excellence going to be remembered by your audience and idea clients?

Once you have an amazingly valuable blog post or product or service, promote it far and wide–with pride, because it’s excellent.

4 – Connect with individual people

I think there is a growing appetite for personal connection.

Maybe because of the explosion of social media and inauthentic, superficial “friends” and their carefully curated, filtered, edited view of their lives we see online.

When it comes to online business, the plethora of low cost, mass market DIY info products like books and courses seem to be fueling a craving for a one-on-one “white glove” concierge approach for people who want to rise above that.

This is why many in-person events and masterminds seem to be wildly popular now.

When people truly want results, they are willing to pay for one-on-one service from experts who display mastery and business excellence. And those people are willing to put in the effort to make it happen.

Who are the health and wellness experts? Not just anyone who puts out work that’s done–but people who exude excellence.

Are you one of those?


I’m taking this opportunity to step up my game even higher. I’m going to exude even higher levels of business excellence and world-class products and services as before.

Are you with me?


Signing off and toasting: To delivering business excellence and world-class value.

Over to you

What do you think about the saying: Done is better than perfect? Do you prefer the goals of good and excellent instead?

How are you going to step up your game to provide world-class value to your customers and clients?

I’d love to know in the comments below! 🙂

*Originally published June 2019; updated with references for the sizes of the wellness and pharma industries in September 2021.



Global Wellness Institute. (2021). The global wellness economy.

Statista. (2021, September 10). Global pharmaceutical industry – statistics & facts.

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  1. Yes I have heard and read this saying. I think it refers to those of us who will not put our work out there because it is not perfect. We should all strive for excellence. So maybe good is better than perfect while striving for excellence.

    You are right about the “noise” and I relate to so much you just said in your blog.

    Thanks for another great article.

    • Hi Luana–thank you! I agree; your work doesn’t have to be perfect but it should definitely be better than “done” (e.g., at least good, if not excellent). You are very welcome. 🙂

  2. Bravo, Leesa! Great article and stand on a big issue of the day in the health realm, among others. Yes, good should be the starting foundation from which to build. Done is definitely so done. And I checked out Robin Sharma a bit – I’m going to dig into his offerings further. Thank you!

    • Hi Robert. You’re welcome! I’m so glad you agree that “good” is the starting foundation, not “done”–especially in the health realm. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. 🙂

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