Why blog?

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Why blog?

why blog

If you’re wondering the benefits of blogging, you’re not the only one!

Can you have a successful online presence in the wellness industry without a blog?


Not gonna BS you.

TBH, blogging is a long-term game. It’s a commitment to truly developing your online presence, expertise, and audience. It’s putting in the effort now to reap long-term rewards (like demonstrating your expertise, getting free warm traffic, and even selling great products and services).

There are lots of proven benefits of blogging, and I have my own personal reasons why I blog.

But, what about the practical answers to the question: “Why blog?

Here are the answers:

Blog to show the world your expertise

The main reason why I highly recommend blogging is to show the world your expertise all in one location on the internet. I consider it like a curated collection of your personal intellectual property. Like an online business card. You don’t need a piece of paper with your picture and phone number, just your url. With quality content on the internet you can show people that you know WTF you’re talking about. Doing this helps people know you, like you, and trust you enough to sign up for your email and even consider buying from you.

It’s also a great way to quickly answer questions that come your way. If you create blog posts to answer common questions from your audience, you can easily refer people to your blog post link so they can see your answer for yourself.

And, while your audience is really your #1 concern when it comes to your blog, think about your potential mentors, partners, and other opportunities. By having consistent high-quality content, you prove you’re not just an expert, but are reliable and might be a great business partner!

I highly recommend blogging is to show the world your expertise all in one location on the internet. #WhyBlog #Blog #Expertise Click To Tweet

Blog to get found on Google

You can have a website complete with a home page, about page, work with me page, sales pages, and a contact page; but, want to know how Google ranks your website? With regularly updated content.

According to Neil Patel:

“Google is much more concerned about a site’s internal pages than its homepage – because the information that’ll be useful to search users – blog posts, for example – is often not found on the homepage.”

If you think about that for a second, it makes total sense. Search engines are there to find information that users are searching for. Likely they’re searching for answers to burning questions, and your blog is the perfect way to deliver that to them.

Want to know why I personally think Google kicks social media’s ass?

Two reasons:

1 – Once you’ve keyword optimized your post, it will eventually bring in a steady free flow of traffic to that post. (Yes, free – no charge!). Once you put in the upfront investment to create kickass content, and it eventually ranks in search engines, it’s free from ongoing cost and time.

I don’t know about you but I LOVE maintenance-free stuff!

2 – The traffic that comes to you is already warm! These people are literally searching the web for answers to questions in your area of expertise! With social media I feel like I’m always trying to get in people’s faces, looking for their attention and interest in order to get traffic. Not so when it comes to search engines!

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Blog to have flexibility and control on your content (and maybe sell stuff sometimes)

This is a side benefit to owning your url, website, and blog – you can control it! If you want to:

You get the picture. When your content is on others’ websites you don’t have that flexibility! At all!

(Just remember to always keep your audience’s needs in mind before you spend time creating content.)

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It’s not that hard to maintain a good blog!

If you have to choose between quality and quantity of blog posts, I highly recommend quality – hand’s down! Publishing boring topics that appeal to general audiences that aren’t researched at all, nor go into depth on a topic are so 1990s!

Publishing boring topics that appeal to general audiences that aren't researched at all, nor go into depth on a topic are so 1990s! #Blog #Expert #Research Click To Tweet

Think about what would impress you when you find someone or look them up online. Dozens of posts on random topics, none of which give you any good information, nor show you what the heck this person is an expert in.


At least a few really good, well-researched, niche-specific posts that educate, entertain, and convince you that this person freaking rocks.

I know what I’d choose.

If you need a bit of inspo on what health & wellness topics to blog about, click here. And if you have ideas, but aren’t sure which one to choose first, click here.



Blogging is a GREAT way to show your expertise, help people to get to know you, like you, and trust you. And, control your content.

Are you hopping on the blogging bandwagon, or not?

P.S. Want help with your wellness blog? I’m your expert. 😉

Signing off and toasting: Here’s some practical reasons why you should blog.


Over to you

What do you think? Are you ready to use your blog to show your expertise, get found in search engines, and have control of your content?

I’d love to know (in the comments below)!

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