What do you want to know about “done for you” health articles and programs?

(I’m kind of an expert, so ask me anything… except whether I ghost wrote something – I can’t tell you that.)

Full disclosure: In the past few years, I’ve created tonnes of “done for you” health content. Cookbooks, meal plans, a 12-week comprehensive nutrition & lifestyle program, and dozens of blog posts. Seriously, dozens. You may have even purchased them from my clients.

If you want to know:

1 – My honest opinion on “done for you” health content, then read my post where I go over the three biggest pros, and the three biggest cons of using it.

2 – If you want to use DFY content, but want to customize it for your audience, then check out my blog post with a bunch of ideas how to get your voice into your professionally-created content.

3 – If you want a bit of help customizing “done for you” health content, sign up for the waiting list for my soon-to-be released mini course on exactly that.

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What are the pros and cons of “done for you?”

I spill the beans on “done for you” health content in this blog post. If you’re on the fence about using it, then have a read and let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Honest look at done for you

Want to use DFY content, and DIY customizing it?

Check out this post about customizing “done for you” health content. It’ll help you to add your voice and speak to your audience, while using content that was professionally created.

How to customize DFY

Want a bit more help customizing DFY content?

If you want some guidance on how to really customize a DFY piece of content, then I’m working on something just for you. Sign up here to get on the waiting list.

Customize DFY course
Not sure which health content solution is right for you?