Consult with Leesa

Leesa Klich consultation

If you’re looking for some support with your research, health blog, or content strategy and need an expert eye (and strategic scientific brain), grab a 1-hour consult with yours truly! 🙂

In one hour we can tackle:

  • Finding credible information for your next post, product, or program;
  • Diving into a hot new study to really interpret and evaluate it;
  • Turning a “done for you” blog post or program into your voice so it resonates with your audience;
  • How to start (or edit) a blog post;
  • Getting actionable personalized tips to turn your blog into a content marketing machine;
  • A lack of ideas on what to post about, or prioritizing and planning the gazillion ideas you already have;
  • How to measure success of the content you’ve already posted so you know what to do more of.

It will be informal and laser-focused on you!

How it works:

  1. Before the session:
    1. You pay for the session, you will get a link to my calendar to book your time with me.
    2. Choose a time slot that works for you;
    3. Reply to the email with a quick summary of what you’d like to discuss (so I can prepare);
    4. I will send you a zoom link, and we’re confirmed!
  2. For the session: Bring your notebook/pen (or laptop) and coffee (or matcha). I will be prepared to help you with the info you’ve provided, and you will get my full attention.

Can’t wait to work with you!

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