Want to know what the research is saying?

custom research for health topics

You’re being asked really tricky health questions that you’re not 100% sure how to answer. Or, you’re creating a new program or blog post and you want it to really impress and help your clients more than anything else out there.

Maybe your clients and readers have heard the latest news and you want to give them an answer based on the best research (not just the latest study). You are frustrated with all the “new studies” that conflict with what you already know on a health topic.

Are they relevant? Are they credible? Are they unbiased?

Are they even true?

You want to become the “go to” most credible health expert in your field!

You want the authority and expertise that comes with having the best, most relevant, and accurate information out there.

You want to know the latest unbiased information on a health topic, but you don’t have the time to find it yourself.

If you want credible health references for your next post, program, or client question, but don’t have the time (or desire) to do the digging yourself, let me do it for you!

If you’re looking for a go-to person when you need to know the current research on a health and wellness topic, let me be your research advisor! 🙂

I will dig through the highest quality websites to find the best information for your health topic and create a custom research summary for you.

Each research summary includes:

  • 1 (fairly) specific health question to be researched;

  • I dive into the credible websites like Examine, NIH, Cochrane, and Harvard Health (PubMed if necessary) to find the best info available on that topic. You will get at least one, but possibly up to 4-6 articles on your question/topic;

  • I review the articles, pull out applicable bullet-point excerpts, and provide you with the link(s) to use as your references;

  • Delivered within 3 weeks of request date; maximum 2 per month (email me if you need a quicker turnaround or if you need more than 2 per month – leesa [at] leesaklich.com – I’d love to be able to, but my schedule fills up fast, so contact me to make sure I can).

Why trust me?

After earning my Master’s degree in Biomedical Toxicology and Nutrition I added a certification in Holistic Nutrition. I now blend the two and live “at the intersection of science and holistic health.”

As a scientist, I don’t jump to conclusions from small (or crappy) studies or sensationalized reports, but use the science behind what we know and don’t know about foods, supplements, and lifestyle factors.

While working in the heavily regulated and uber-scientific health products industry I felt like the only hippie. After studying holistic nutrition I was stuck in the middle. People on both “sides” (medical science and holistic health) often seemed to be more interested in where the message came from (who’s right), instead of looking at the actual information (what’s right). They overlook quality information that supported the others’ position and dismiss the benefits.

I am always on the lookout for good studies that support, or refute, holistic health practices – be it the facts that:

  • Nutrition deficiencies/insufficiencies aren’t uncommon nowadays, and no, people are not getting “all the nutrients they need from food”;

  • There are proven benefits for some supplements in some people (beyond deficiencies);

  • “Calories in-calories out” may be true, but getting to the root of why there is a calorie imbalance should consider factors like stress, sleep, health literacy, and cooking skills, etc.;

  • Yes, your body absolutely does its own awesome job at detoxing, but it still needs the vitamin/mineral cofactors and the proteins/amino acids to be able to create and use those detox enzymes optimally – Will eating greens detox your blood? Nope, but you should still eat them; and,

  • After 1,800 studies, homeopathy does not seem to work.

Let’s do this!

Questions? Shoot me an email at leesa [at] leesaklich.com