Health & food awareness dates calendar

Ever get stuck on a topic for your wellness blog, vlog, or podcast?

Ready to share your personal and/or niche-specific health causes and favourite recipes with your audience?

Want to plan content to boost awareness (and ride the wave) of established health and food dates?


Sometimes the roadblock to consistent quality content is just getting inspired on which topic to dive into. We all have health challenges that are near to our hearts, and causes we believe in. Why would we not use these special awareness dates to strategically inspire some blog/vlog/podcast content?

Plus, by sharing these health causes that are important to us, and foods we love (or can SERIOUSLY improve!), we can let our audience get to know us better.

Not to mention that sometimes we’d like to contribute to (and ride the wave of) a larger, more well-established awareness date (that may get some press or have the hashtag picked up).

Whether you’re new to blogging, or seasoned & strategic, having a health and food awareness dates calendar can help you.

A health and food awareness dates calendar is just that: A calendar (i.e. spreadsheet in date order) listing health and food awareness months, weeks, and days. For this one, I also threw in a bunch of environmental awareness days too.

Know when all of those special dates like “World Health Day” and “National Breast Cancer Awareness Month” are coming up and customize your content around it. You don’t want to miss the opportunities in your niche, right?

And THIS is what this calendar can help you get:

  • Topic ideas and inspo;

  • Opportunity to set yourself apart and champion a cause near to your heart;

  • Ride the social media wave of a well-known cause or popular food.

Having a calendar of health and food dates related to your niche can help you make a solid content strategy editorial calendar for your wellness blog.

Where’d these dates come from?

Health awareness calendar information is scattered All. Over. the. Freaking. Internet.

I combed SO many websites to put together this comprehensive calendar! Websites including the United Nations, Health Canada, Wikipedia, etc.

Not only that, I found that several of the health awareness dates posted on these sites didn’t even have a proper link or reference to that actual date. Sometimes the links were to a home page with NO mention of the awareness date, or even to a “404 Not Found” page! Argh!

Needless to say, I only included health awareness dates that I could find some sort of website or official press release to confirm that they’re true (and not just made up on the internet). #credibility

What you get

A spreadsheet that includes:

  • Health and food (and a few environmental) dates, in date order (so far over 350!);

  • Hashtags of those dates… if I could find them;

  • The organization/country that created/recognizes those dates (mostly Canada/US, but I can expand it!);

  • Links to the source of the information for Every. Single. One. This way you can double-check to make sure that date jives with your position and brand;

  • Link to download future updates. This is a living document that will be updated regularly… Let me know if something is missing!

How you use it

When you’re planning your blog/vlog/podcast content, refer to the latest version of this calendar and see if there are awareness dates that inspire you to create content.

  • Help people with mood issues? Prepare something for International Day of Happiness and/or World Laughter Day;

  • Hate diets? Get behind No Diet Day;

  • Love hummus? Create an epic recipe to share on International Hummus Day;

  • Have a sugar-free cookbook? Promote it during Sugar Free September.

Grab your copy at the link below. It’s just CAD$27 and can help you strategically plan your upcoming wellness blog/vlog/podcast episodes.

I hope it helps you to be inspired by health- and food-related content topics for your wellness blog.