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Is Keto Good for Athletes?


The keto health craze is here!

And if you’re wondering whether you should try it or not (especially if you’re an athlete), you need to read this!

The idea behind the diet’s popularity is that it can literally train your body to burn fat as fuel. This means your metabolism actually changes. You stop burning carbohydrates (your body’s preferred fuel), and start burning fat (and ketones) as fuel.

You become “fat adapted.”

How is this possible? What are the risks and benefits? And how does this apply to athletes?

I hash it all out in this post.

NOTE: Before we go on, know that the whole topic of ketosis is a hotbed of scientific research now. More studies are being published regularly, so keep on the lookout for new information.

Metabolism 101 – Carbohydrates vs. Fats (and Ketones)

How to get into ketosis

The first way to “Go Keto” – The Classic Ketogenic Diet

The second way to “Go Keto” – Modified Ketogenic Diets

Who should avoid ketogenic diets?

The third way to “Go Keto” – Keto supplementation

Ketogenic diets for athletes

Ketogenic supplements for athletes



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