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Document Type: Embedded video

Video Time: 109 mims

Release Date: May 17, 2019

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5/5. The course is exceptional—very clear and well made.

I like how you used visual slides of the key points besides your clear verbal explanations. You are an excellent speaker. I am a visual learner and do not do well with just audio. I also like how direct you were. As a retired teacher, I have no patience for the personal chatter some blogger/video instructors are including in their shared informational webinars/courses. You did not do that. YEA!!

So many “A-HA moments.” . . . I’ve done some of what you mentioned and know I need to do the advanced. I never realized how much I should re-share older blog posts. I haven’t used SEO (I concentrated on content) but now I see, “A-HA. I need to use my keywords in different ways.” 

The course is FABULOUS! Anything else may make it too long and overwhelming. I think your resource links were great for anyone who wanted to know more. I know I will read further on another day.

~ Joyce R., Gardening/design blogger

Course: Ramp up your blog’s visibility

Get instant access to the entire course and start being seen online today.

Stop hearing crickets and seeing no views after you publish your blog posts!

The top content marketing experts agree that the internet has changed. You can’t just “publish it and they will come.” Once you’ve invested in a great blog post that you’re proud of and reflects your excellence, you need to promote it—a lot.

This course gives you the ins and outs starting with the basic things you must do at a minimum and ending with advanced strategies.

Course Summary

Introduction and Welcome (7 mins)

PART 1: Your blog is the foundation of your marketing strategy (13 mins)

PART 2a: 10 must-do’s before, when, and after you publish (33 mins)

PART 2b: Must-do social media strategy (it’s not 2018 anymore!) (13 mins)

PART 3a: Advanced blog promotional strategies (17 mins)

PART 3b: Get found online starting with the basics of SEO and keyword research (26 mins)

Content was excellent, Leesa. I enjoyed your encouraging words that told me “I can do this” “I have something awesome to share with the world (my niche)” and “I am myself and awesome person” Super encouraging, thank you!

~ Rachel

Price: US$147

3 modules – 6 videos – 109 minutes

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Buy 3 health articles, get 1 free!

*** Discount is automatically applied at checkout when you have 4 in your cart ***

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