Ready to stop using all of the marketing tools and find out which ones will help you reach your business goals?

Want to discover which marketing tools are best suited to strategically grow your health practice right now—without being on every platform and using every marketing tactic?

Tired of throwing marketing spaghetti against the wall?

Truth: You don’t have to use every marketing tool and tactic because each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. (Yes, no matter what the gurus tell you.)

Feel like you’re juggling way too many marketing tools? (You’re blogging/vlogging/podcasting, posting on social media, advertising, doing email marketing, etc.)?

Or maybe you’re focused on one or two marketing tools, but aren’t seeing the results you were hoping for? No clicks, no leads, no new clients or patients. 

Or perhaps you’re ready to invest in a new marketing tool, but you’re not sure which one is best suited and aligned with your business goals?

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Release Date: May 2022

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Here are some truths:

TRUTH – You DON’T need to publish regular content (blog/vlog/podcast) AND master social media AND invest in advertising AND become an email marketing guru (and hire people to stay on top of all of these tools).

TRUTH – You might be duplicating (or triplicating) your efforts in one area of marketing/sales, while totally missing opportunities in others.

TRUTH – You might be able to attract more clients and patients by strategically focusing on just one or two marketing tools . . . but which ones?

Here’s what I hear:

“I’m doing all the things, and I’m so overwhelmed!”

If you feel like you’re juggling way too many marketing tools—you’re not alone. This masterclass will show you where the tools overlap so that you can identify duplicated efforts and decide which one or two tools to focus on—and which to put on hold for now.

“Should I start a podcast? Or do more advertising? What about email marketing?!”

If you feel like you don’t know if you should invest more in blogging/vlogging/podcasting OR social media OR advertising OR email marketing, etc., this masterclass will help you see the tried-and-true strengths of these different marketing tools so that you can make a strategic CEO-level decision.

“But I have 20K followers and nobody’s buying!”

If you’re not getting results from your current marketing strategy, this masterclass will show you which marketing tools you need to get more sales (and which tools are not well-suited for direct sales).

Discover which marketing tools are best suited to strategically grow your health practice right now.

Price: US$147

2 parts – 51 minutes

*Fellow Canadians: I am happy to include HST in all listed prices!

⚠️WARNING: You don’t need to be on every new social media platform and boost all your posts with paid advertising to send people to your landing page so they can download your opt-in lead magnet. You don’t need to have a blog/vlog/podcast, expert-level SEO, and splash pop-ups all over your site. You don’t need to build several complicated pre- and post-launch funnels and use them with email list segmentation to boost conversions. And you certainly don’t need to do EVERYTHING (but, you may choose to use one or two of these systems when you see the true strengths and weaknesses of each).
This masterclass does NOT tell you what to do.
It doesn’t try to sell you one “tried and true” or “can’t fail” marketing tool. In fact, this masterclass might even help you put something you’re currently doing on the back burner because it’s diluting your efforts and distracting you from doing what will really make a difference in growing your health practice.

Some “business gurus” are truly invested in their *one* marketing system (e.g., “Your business will fail without my proven techniques to grow your followers on [insert social media account here]”), amirite?

They’ve probably seen amazing results for themselves. And that’s great!

Their techniques might work for lots of people. And that’s great, too!

But . . .

We both know that one marketing tool simply won’t work for everyone.

And layering on more and more tools won’t work for everyone, either.

They can’t.

Your health practice is unique. Your strengths and skills are unique. Your business goals are unique (and your focus might change every few months). Your resources are NOT unlimited.

You want an honest behind-the-scenes look at the benefits of each marketing tool so that you can make a strategic CEO-level decision about what your practice needs right now and which tools you can put on the back burner (at least for now).

Here’s what this masterclass DOES do:

  • Gives you a CEO-level “birds-eye view” of several marketing tools—and the true benefits of each one

  • Reveals exactly how each marketing tool can help you reach *certain* business goals (and how they each really suck at helping you reach other goals)

  • Shows you how different business goals map to your customer’s journey

  • Clarifies the strengths and weaknesses of different marketing tools

  • Helps you decide what marketing tools might be diluting your efforts and distracting you from doing what really makes a difference (and gives you permission to put it on the backburner)

“I was overwhelmed with all of the aspects of launching, growing, and managing my business. I felt like I was spinning in circles with all of the decisions and aspects I had to figure out.

I gained clarity on what tasks should be prioritized and what to focus on as growth occurs and the confidence to action the course we discussed. I am less stressed out and overwhelmed with what I need to do and know what areas are less impactful at this stage, but I also know what to consider as the business changes stages. Not only was the coaching super helpful but the done-for-you products also allowed me to relieve another stress and focus more on what is most important for my business at this stage (which is not blogging).

She’s methodical and strategic, but also has empathy and really helps you feel like she’s in your corner cheering you on.

If you are feeling stuck in your business or are at a point where you’re not ready to hire more staff but want to reduce your workload and stress both Leesa’s coaching and her done for you articles/blogs/programs are a life-saver.

I will continue to seek her mentorship as the stages of my business change or whenever I’m feeling a bit lost with all of the tasks my business is demanding of me.”

~ Tania R., Nutritionist and personal trainer

This masterclass will help you evaluate and choose the marketing tools that will work best for your health practice, based on your specific goals—and confidently make CEO-level marketing decisions to reach your business goals.

Discover which marketing tools are best suited to strategically grow your health practice right now.

Price: US$147

2 parts – 51 minutes

*Fellow Canadians: I am happy to include HST in all listed prices!