health blog topics to inspire
Health topics to build your authority and audience

Stop struggling with health topic ideas and get inspired! (Your inspiration will inspire your audience)

TRUTH: Your blog, vlog, or podcast content needs to build your authority and connect with your audience.

That means it should attract new people and turn them into subscribers. It should also nurture your relationship with your existing subscribers and show them the benefits of working with you.

Health topics for more than one year’s worth of content:
  • Get inspired to create content with fresh and unique topic ideas (with some traditional ones added in for good measure)
  • Use these health topics for your blog, vlog, and podcast to attract new ideal clients
  • Then, share your inspired posts and episodes with your email subscribers and social media followers to keep in touch with them on topics that matter to both of you

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To inspire you and your audience

We all get into an uninspired content creation rut sometimes . . . but we know that what we publish builds our authority and nurtures relationships with our audience

  • Let’s be honest. Creating and publishing quality content is an investment of your time and money. And, it’s not always easy or fast. Especially when you have no idea what to talk about. So, choosing an amazing new idea from a list of health-specific topics can act as a gentle nudge to get you over that hurdle.
  • That’s why I created this list. Because you know the value of building your online authority to attract new readers, listeners, and viewers and keeping in touch with your existing audience. It really is a win-win to publish great new content on a regular basis.
  • This list will help you get inspired and that will show in the content you publish. You want your audience to feel your inspiration to help them reach their health goals. It’s so much more engaging and trust-building for them. And that helps grow your audience, email subscribers, and paying clients and patients!
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To inspire you and your audience

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