What is content curation and how can I use it to rock my wellness blog?

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What is content curation and how can I use it to rock my wellness blog?

What is content curation


Content curation (as opposed to creation) is an awesome blog post format that you may already be using to rock your blog.

In fact, it’s a great way to showcase the best information on any given topic.

If you do it right, you can use it to show your audience that YOU are a hub of great information. Plus, it allows you to make connections with experts, and those who create the awesome content that you curate and share. And you can use the links you find to fill up your social media feed for a while too!

I’ll share some great examples of curated content in the wellness industry. Plus, I have some great tips so you can use it to rock your wellness blog.

So, what is content curation?


What is content curation?


According to Neil Patel,

Content curation is the act of collecting high-quality sources from the web and sharing it with my audience. (ref)

You can use it to create a new blog post without creating your own fresh content from scratch. It’s rounding up awesomeness and packaging it nicely for your audience (while only posting excerpts and linking back to the original sources).

It’s essentially a blog idea that shares link love. <3

What about curating on social media?

My favourite way of sharing awesome wellness and content marketing information is actually Twitter! Are you following me there?

The reason you should is because I follow THE BEST Tweeps when it comes to health science and content creation/strategy.  I only retweet and share the best of the best info for online wellness practitioners. Most of my Twitter feed is curated content; and of course, I do share my own content sometimes too. 🙂

But, curating great content on Twitter doesn’t do too much for my blog.

Curating great content on Twitter doesn't do too much for my blog. #blog #curate #curatedcontent Click To Tweet

I have curated a nice selection of examples of recipe and wellness posts that curated their own content. (Is that curated squared???). I hope you can get inspired to pick and choose what you like to create your own curation.

PRO TIP: Don’t copy and paste any more than a short quotation from someone’s website. You don’t want to create duplicate web content for them. Post just a short excerpt or quotation, and always ALWAYS link back to the original source.


Recipe Content Curation


Greatist – Chia pudding recipes

One of my favourite sites for awesome curated recipes is Greatist. They find a bunch of recipes on a particular food or meal, e.g. chia pudding recipes, and put them together in a beautiful way.

Here’s one of my favourite posts that I keep coming back to for breakfast inspiration. It’s 36 Chia Seed Pudding Recipes That Taste Like Dessert.

NOTE: Even though I’m always looking for new chia recipes, I admit, most of the time I keep coming back to #31 Maple Walnut Chia Seed Pudding. It’s freaking amazing! #IAmCanadian #IKnowChiaIsNotCanadian #MapleSyrupAndWalnutsAreCanadian #TryThisRecipe

What I love about this curated post is:

  • The content delivers what the headline specifically promises;
  • All of the recipes are organized by sub-headers: Fruity, Chocolatey, and Other Amazing Flavors;
  • The individual recipe titles are numbered, large, and underlined so it’s easily skimmable;
  • Big bold delicious pinnable images of each recipe (hover over them to see the Pinterest button magically appear);
  • Short description of the recipe along with the link.

Leesa Klich – Turmeric recipes

I have a few post with curated recipes too. My post popular one is all about Turmeric vs. Curcumin, where I explain the difference, and then link to over 100 turmeric recipes. I even have a backlink from Problogger on this post as an example of evergreen content! Woo hoo! 🙂

What I like about this curated post:

  • It’s got a bit of education at the beginning because turmeric has curcumin, it is not wholly curcumin;
  • I added in a quick video for fun;
  • I requested delicious turmeric-containing recipes from my holistic nutrition colleagues to showcase;
  • It’s sorted by type of recipe: spice mixes, breakfasts, snacks, etc.
  • You know the recipe name and website you’re going to before you click the link;
  • Each link opens in its own tab (this is a pet peeve of mine; pleeeease have your links open in new tabs so readers don’t accidentally close your whole site when they’re actually trying to get back to it);
  • At the end of the post I welcome additional contributions by saying “Did I miss your favourite recipe??? If so, PLEASE post it in the comments below. Thanks! 🙂”
  • Even though the post was originally published in 2015, I went and updated it in July 2017. To update it I checked that all of the links were still working, and also called out to my holistic nutrition colleagues to share any new turmeric recipes for me to include.


Wellness news content curation


Summer Tomato – For the love of food

I’ve been following Darya Pino Rose for several years now. In fact, I requested that the Public Library in St. John’s Newfoundland where I was living at the time purchase her book Foodist when it came out. They did. And I was the first to read it. (If you’re in #yyt, I highly recommend you borrow and read this book. It’s upstairs at the A. C. Hunter library… Or better yet, grab yourself a copy!)

On the Summer Tomato blog Darya curates health, wellness, and food news to share in her weekly column For the Love of Food. (She’s on mat leave now, so her weekly columns are on hold for a while). #CongratsDarya

What I love about the latest edition of For the Love of Food is:

  • Her “Links of the week” section clearly shows each link with an underlined title and its own bullet point;
  • Her short descriptions of each link so you get a bit of an intro before you click;
  • She credits the content creator/website source at the end of her description so you know where you’re going before you click;
  • Most of the links are actually news and within the last week or so;
  • Each link opens in a new tab (please do this too!);
  • At the end of her post she welcomes comments by saying, “What inspired you this week?”
  • Now that I’ve read this post, I want to see the movie “Wasted! The Story of Food Waste.” (Vimeo says it’s “unavailable in my region,” but I might be able to rent it with my Amazon.com account…).


Health Writer Hub – Health communication research review

One of my favourite (and relatively new) monthly roundups is the Heath Communication Research Review by my health writing instructor and online mentor Michelle G.

In this roundup Michelle curates the best news and studies about how to best communicate health information.

What I love about this one:

  • She sticks to the specific topic of health communication (and the topic is right up my alley, so I am biased);
  • She has very clear section titles;
  • She introduces each link in their own paragraph;
  • She links to the actual sources of information – the studies themselves, instead of linking to an article or news piece about the study;
  • I also love the fact that when she links to studies, she mentions which ones are behind a “paywall” right in her introduction.


Wellness expert content creation


The Naughty Nutritionists – Look inside these wellness experts’ fridges

Here’s an example from my friends, the Naughty Nutritionists.

Their recent topic was: Take A Look In These Wellness Experts’ Fridges For Healthy Cooking Inspiration

They asked a bunch of experts to not only tell, but show what’s in their fridges.

What I like about this post:

  • It’s “behind the scenes” to get info that’s not normally shared online;
  • You can actually see into people’s fridges with the photos;
  • Each contributor has their photo, bio, and links beside their info.

Leesa Klich – Top trends for content: 32 health industry experts weigh in

In September I published my first “expert roundup.” This is a post where I asked dozens of wellness industry experts what they thought the online content trends would be in 2017-18. It’s called, “Top trends for content: 32 health industry experts weigh in.

Everyone got the same question:

What are the top trends for content in the health and wellness industry for 2017-18?

And I collected their responses, images, bios, and links to publish along with their answers. I left it open-ended and when responses started coming it, I found four distinct categories:

I loosely grouped answers into four categories:

  • Health content format & type;
  • Health content topics & style;
  • Health content process & creation;
  • Health content strategy.

It was a lot of work. A lot!

And the end result is pretty freaking epic, if you ask me.

What I liked about this post:

  • It showcased dozens of experts in the health & wellness industry;
  • It included different perspectives, ideas, predictions, and advice all categorized for easy scanning;
  • It included great images of every single contributor;
  • It alternated image-quote, then quote-image (left-right) to maintain readers’ attention in a long post like this; and,
  • I took the extra step to give every single expert contributor their own tweet.


A few tips before you dive into curating content


First thing is to make sure you have a great topic that you’re curating content about. What is your audience looking for, and how can you find the BEST info online to share with them?

Second, make sure the content is high quality. It should be good enough for you to share with your audience and give a generous backlink to the creator. Always read through the post with a critical eye before including it in your curated post.

Third, add your spin. Yes, you can just create a bunch of links like I did on my turmeric recipes post. And if I didn’t have a great intro and video I would have. Having said that, it’s nice to add even a couple of sentences as commentary and introduction for each link you include.

Fourth, have each link open in its own new tab. Please. You don’t want someone to close the post they just opened to get back to your next link, and they’re both gone because they were in one tab. #petpeeve

Fifth, break the links up into sub-topics. You’ll see that in this post that you’re reading now, I talk about recipes, news, and experts separately.

Sixth – I mentioned this before but it’s just so damn important that I have to reiterate: Only take excerpts and always give backlinks. Don’t copy any more than a short quotation, and always, ALWAYS, link back to the original source.

When curating content, only take excerpts and always give backlinks. #blog #content #curation Click To Tweet

Seventh – Use the amazing links you’ve found to fill up you social media feed for a while.

Eighth, it’s a nice touch to give the peeps you’ve quoted a shoutout on social media so they know you love and linked to their awesome content. Especially if they didn’t knowingly contribute. It shows your appreciation, and helps to build a relationship with them.

Here’s an example for you (Yup! We all get 280 characters on Twitter now. #score):




Creating awesome wellness content doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch every week! You can curate your favourite recipes, news, and even get experts to contribute!

Curating wellness content can be a great way to build your brand by becoming a hub of the best information in your niche.

It’s a great way to mix up the format of your posts from week-to-week.


Signing off and toasting: To rocking your wellness blog with some high-quality curated posts.


Over to you


What do you think? Do you already curate your own wellness content? How well does your audience love it?

Are you inspired to create a curated post in the near future?

I’d love to know (in the comments below)! Feel free to post your link!

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