How to customize done-for-you content in minutes

How to customize done-for-you content in minutes


customize done-for-you content


Are you considering using “done for you” (DFY) pre-written content on your blog, or for your programs or social media posts?

Yes, they totally save you time and effort of creating everything yourself! This gives you more time to work ON your biz instead of IN your biz.

But, you may have concerns.

I wrote about the pros and cons of using “done for you” blog posts. If you’re concerned, and I agree, you should be… to a point, there are ways you can customize done-for-you content quickly!

If you’re on the fence about using DFY content because of the number of colleagues that may use the same content, then this post is for you!

If you’re on the fence because you’re not 100% sure if the content will align perfectly with your position and branding, then this post is for you!

If you’re spending too much time creating your own content, but aren’t convinced DFY can possibly work for you, then this post is for you!

PRO TIP: There are a tonne of ways to make a DFY blog post your own. And all of these ways are going to take you just a fraction of the time it would take if you were to research and write your own post from scratch. Using DFY content, even if you customize it, is a HUGE time saver for you!


Why you should customize done for you content


Now, if you purchase the right to use content, then you have every right to use it (see NOTE below).

However, I recommend that you consider it 80% done, where you still do a “final edit” to make it unique to you. There are a few reasons why.

First, you should ensure that the post speaks to your audience in your authentic voice. This will help to ensure consistency with all of your blog content.

NOTE: In my DFY health articles, I specifically try to keep them educational and not add too much personality. Your audience needs your personality to shine through, not mine. 🙂

Second, you should ensure that everything in the post aligns with your position and branding. If you’re gluten-free, then you don’t want a post with a section on the benefits of grains. Right?

Third, technically you buy content; but you actually need content marketing. By adding in social sharing buttons, email opt-in incentives, and references and promos for your products, and programs, you are making sure it’s building your email list and business.

So, here are my best strategies to making a DFY post work for you.

NOTE: There is nothing wrong with purchasing a DFY post and publishing it on your site as-is. Nothing. DFY posts should be on a relevant topic, be of high quality, and professionally written and edited. Period. If you’re buying the rights to publish a post, then feel free to go ahead and publish it. I mean, the whole point of buying done-for-you posts is to save you time, while continuing to help you publish great content on a regular basis for your audience, and help you build your business.

Having said that, if you WANT to customize DFY content (to turn content into content marketing), there are lots of ways to do it in way less time than creating a post from scratch.


How to customize DFY content


Here are my 8 best ways you can customize done-for-you content, and make it your own, in minutes.

1 – Make sure it’s the right topic

None of these strategies work if the blog post you purchase is irrelevant to your audience or brand. The topic and references are really the foundations for your content.

For example, if you recommend against caffeine and don’t do sports nutrition or personal training, then there’s not much you can do with the Caffeine and Sports Training post to make it relevant for you. If your focus is on digestive health, then the Nutrients for Brain Health post may not be that helpful for your audience either.

So, make sure that you choose a topic that works for your brand and your audience.

I have seven categories of health articles available for instant download on this page. Each one is sold separately. Categories include:

  • Monthly featured post (as voted by you) – Join my email list to get notified of the next monthly vote;
  • Health Goals;
  • Foods;
  • Nutrients & Supplements;
  • Fitness;
  • Sleep & Stress;
  • Beauty – Skin, Hair, & Nails.

And what makes my DFY health articles amazing is the emphasis on solid scientific information and references. Plus, my new benchmark is 2,000+ words each!

One more benefit is that I cap the sales of each of these health articles to 50. That means that my site automatically discontinues articles after the 50th one is sold. So, your uniqueness factor is even higher with my health articles! Hundreds of your colleagues will not be publishing the same article, even if each one is customized.

Done for you health articles



Want help customizing “done for you” health content?
I can help you take professionally-created “done for you” health content and customize it to be in your voice, and speak to your audience. Sign up here for the waitlist to my soon-to-be launched mini-course.



If you would like a post researched and written on a specific health topic for your niche, then you can book a content call with me by completing this form.


2 – Make it multi-media

You’ve probably noticed that the internet has become a multi-media experience. Several years ago, it was mostly in written format. Now, there are podcasts and vlogs everywhere.

Just because you’ve purchased a blog post doesn’t mean you can’t paraphrase the information into a podcast or video. Go for it!

And, instead of (or in addition to) your blog, you can use them in your newsletter, as free “opt-in incentives” to grow your email list, or in your own free or paid programs!


3 – Change the headline and subheads

There are so many ways to say the same thing. For example, you can use niche-specific words or copy the headline format of your most popular post.

Here are a few resources that can help you generate your own epic headline (and subheads):


4 – Add an image, or two

Images are necessary for blog posts. There are lots of ways to get images for free, or inexpensively.

NOTE: Just as you wouldn’t use a random blog post as your own, do NOT use a random image you find online either. Make sure it’s from a reputable company that is offering it for free or purchase rights to use it (pay the fee in advance, rather than the penalty later).

You can create your own image, or try any of these sites that offer free or inexpensive images:

BONUS POINTS: You can run your image through LaMem to find out how memorable it is.

You’re welcome. 🙂

And, don’t forget, once you have the perfect image, you might want to put your snazzy new headline smack in the middle of it. I personally use Canva (but don’t take my serious lack of graphic design skills as a hit against them. I’ve seen people make AMAZINGLY beautiful images from this free tool).


4 – Open with a story

You can make the opening/introduction of your post really hit home with your audience. Start it with a relevant story to grab your readers’ attention.

Perhaps the topic reminds you of an experience or an example you can share. Or maybe you can include a mini case-study showing your audience how you used this information to help a client.

Use the opening to really draw your readers in.


5 – Make the content yours

There are a lot of ways to change up a post so it’s absolutely perfect for you. While you can use done-for-you content that you’ve purchased as-is, you can also consider it 80% done to do a “final edit” and really make it yours.

You can:

  • Paraphrase it (use a thesaurus if you need to);
  • Add your voice. Include favourite phrases, slang, or hashtags;
  • Move sentences, or entire sections around;
  • Break long posts into two (I have a few epic ones for sale that are easily split) – HINT: If you split them, be sure to list all of the references at the end of both of the shorter posts.

If you’re really adamant on having 100% unique content, but can’t invest the time to write it yourself, you can:

  • Run your customized DFY article through:
    • DupeFree Pro helps you rewrite content to avoid duplicates with the search engines. This is a paid program, and I am not an affiliate, nor have I used it.
    • Copyscape which checks the web for duplicate content. Of course, if you’re buying a done-for-you post, you know that some versions of the post will be published on the web. You need to decide HOW different you want your version to be. (Again, unless you’re in the market of creating epic original content for SEO, then duplicate content isn’t that scary!).
  • Hire me to create an exclusive article for you.

When I create DFY health articles, I try to keep them educational and not inject too much of my personality into them. They need to reflect your personality, not mine. 🙂


6 – Add practical tips

It’s great to be educational and share expertise; but, often your audience wants to know HOW to apply the knowledge. How is the info you share going to benefit them?

Make it practical for them by adding:

  • Tips or techniques how to implement the knowledge (i.e. Tips for better sleep, etc.);
  • A recipe using those ingredients;
  • Instructions or a short demo video of you doing a stretch or other move so they can see it;
  • Review a relevant product you’ve tried. BONUS points for adding in your affiliate links to these products.


7 – Create a content upgrade

Content upgrades are a GREAT way to use content to grow your email list! It’s basically including an “upgrade” to the free blog/vlog/podcast topic. But, instead of adding it for free on your blog, you can ask for their email address in return.

For example, you can use one of the practical tips we just talked about (#6) as a content upgrade to readers who subscribe to your email list.

I created a content upgrade in this post, as you can see immediately below:


60+ health & wellness topics you can create in 60 minutes

60  health blog ideas (1)

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Want help customizing “done for you” health content?
I can help you take professionally-created “done for you” health content and customize it to be in your voice, and speak to your audience. Sign up here for the waitlist to my soon-to-be launched mini-course.


8 – *MOST IMPORTANTLY* Add calls-to-action (CTAs)

What do you want your readers to do (during or) after they read the post?

This is KEY when it comes to turning your content into content marketing!

According to Jon Morrow of Smartblogger,

The purpose of content is to create influence.
The purpose of marketing is to convert influence into action.(ref)

Hence, “content marketing.”

Content marketing institute defines content marketing” as:

Creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience — with the objective of driving profitable customer action.

So, the “marketing” part of the content marketing is specifically for driving action.

What actions should you call for?

Should your readers:

  • Share the post on social media (maybe even with a click to tweet or your custom hashtag);
  • See another related blog post or page (add internal links);
  • Sign up for your email newsletter (or download your opt-in freebie or content upgrade);
  • Join your online group;
  • Book a discovery call with you;
  • Comment below or email you their thoughts on this topic;
  • Do your survey;
  • Check out an affiliate product/service you are selling;
  • Purchase one of your related products or services;
  • Follow you on social media.

Here’s mine:

Want help customizing “done for you” health content?
I can help you take professionally-created “done for you” health content and customize it to be in your voice, and speak to your audience. Sign up here for the waitlist to my soon-to-be launched mini-course.



I hope that these eight tips help you to customize done-for-you content in minutes. Remember, you can do all eight, just a couple, or nothing at all to the DFY posts you buy. Of course, the more you choose to do, the more minutes it will take. 🙂


Signing off and toasting: To customizing DFY content to build your biz.


Over to you

What do you think? Do you use DFY content? How much have you customized it? Will you do so more now?

I’d love to know (in the comments below)!

Ultimate Health Blogging Checklist

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I'm Leesa Klich, MSc., R.H.N.,

Health writer – Blogging expert – Research nerd.

I help health & wellness professionals attract more email subscribers & clients using their blogs. I move them from feeling stumped & overwhelmed to confidently & consistently showing off their expertise. I make credible research-based blogging both strategic & easy, which saves them a ton of time so they can focus on what lights them up in their business & life. To work with me, click here.

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