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Last chance for August… and vote for September!

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You want content for your health and wellness website, right?

Done for you health articles can save you boatloads of time by giving you professionally written health content.


Last week I gave an honest review on the pros and cons of  “done for you” health content:

The bottom line is that buying “done for you” health content is a GREAT way to outsource things you may not have time or aptitude for, and costs just a fraction of hiring a ghostwriter to create this stuff exclusively for you. And it’s usually a high-quality product, especially when it was created by someone who’s superpower is exactly that.

They save you time, money, and frustration.

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Full disclosure: Done for you content is not exclusive to you, the more you customize, the more it will speak to YOUR audience, and the more exclusive it becomes online; and they’re not going to support your efforts for ranking on SEO.

Overall, I love “done for you” content.


August’s featured health articles are going back up to regular price on the 31st @ 10:00 p.m. EST – Buy them now!


(It was a tie!)

August featured articles

You voted for August, so until August 31st you can get these health articles for less than half price:


So, if you’d like these articles for now, or the next time you just don’t have time to do a regular blog post, grab them before August 31st!

And vote for September’s featured article!


Here’s how you can use these “done for you” health articles


You can buy these editable Word docs and:

  • Use them as is and say you’re the author; or,
  • Break them into multiple posts (they’re pretty long); or,
  • Customize them in minutes with any (or all) of my 8 best strategies I share here; or,
  • Publish on your website as blog posts; or,
  • Use them in your newsletter; or,
  • Use them as social media posts; or,
  • Use them as free giveaways or opt-in incentives to grow your list; or,
  • Use them as part of your paid health & wellness programs; or,
  • Use the research as a basis for a podcast, vlog, or  interview.

I can’t wait to see which one you choose! 🙂

The only restrictions I have are that you don’t re-sell them, nor use them as guest posts on another website.


Vote for September


Every month I host a vote, and offer a “flash sale” on a health article that you can publish on your blog.

You can do almost anything with these articles, as they’re “white-labelled” so YOU are the author.

They’re already researched, written, and edited. Each one has taken me 6-12 hours to create, so I’m saving you TIME (and letting you borrow my “science brain”)!

All you need to do is buy it, download the Word doc to your computer, and paste the text into your blog as your own content.

Easy peasy.

And waaay less time than creating a post from scratch!

You can even add your own image, personalize it, and BOOM a brand-spanking new blog post in almost no time for just CAD$17.

These are the four articles up for September’s promotion. The one with the most votes will become the featured (discounted) one:


How the monthly “featured” health articles work


1 – Vote in the survey above (or at this link) for the article you want to be featured (read: discounted) for September.

2 – September’s vote closes at 10:00 p.m. EST on Thursday August 31st.

3 – At that time I will change the price of the article with the most votes. It will go from CAD$37 to CAD$17 until Sept 30th. I announce the winners in the first blog post and newsletter of the month (sign up below).

By signing up below you not only get announcements of the monthly featured posts to your inbox, but also a copy of my list of “60+ blog post ideas in 60 minutes.” This is not a list of headlines; they’re actual post topics and ideas that you can create when you’re in a pinch.

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Want an article on a different topic? Great!


I’m going to be taking a lot more requests in the fall!


  1. Check out the posts I’ve already written right here. If your topic is not there, then
  2. Fill out this form, and I’ll be in touch!




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Leesa Klich is a content and credibility specialist for wellness practitioners. She specializes in pre-written “done for you”content by translating the science of health and wellness into understandable and fun articles. She helps wellness practitioners ramp up their content and credibility to build their businesses and improve public health on an epic scale.

How can you make your blog support your business goals? Strategize! Click here to download a copy of Leesa’s personal Content Strategy Calendar (no opt-in required).

60+ health & wellness topics you can create in 60 minutes

60  health blog ideas (2)

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Can I help you with your health & wellness content?


Need an awesome piece of scientifically-referenced content for your health and wellness website? You can check out some samples in my portfolio here, instantly download (and upload to your website) some pre-written “done for you” posts here, or if you’re ready for professionally written content customized for your business, click here.


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