What health articles did Leesa write in January 2017?


What health articles did I write in January 2017?


health articles january 2017



You may know that I write for other health and wellness professionals.

I help them with blog posts, content strategy, as well as a bunch of projects.

Some of them show me as the proud author; but, most are “behind-the-scenes” ghostwriting.

Also, some are articles you can literally buy from me right now and upload to your health and wellness website in minutes!

Have a look at some of the science-based health articles I’ve written.


Here are the health articles I’ve authored on other websites


Why you should raise your glass to water

Water for your brain


Brain Food Essentials: Cacao

cacao brain food


Here are the NEW “done for you”, pre-written articles that you can buy and upload to your health and wellness website in minutes


(HINT: There are more in the works for February, so stay tuned! Here’s a link to all of the done for you pre-written posts for your perusal.)




Leesa Klich, is a health writer and content strategist for busy wellness professionals. She translates the science of health and wellness into understandable and fun articles. You can download a free copy of her ebook “The Real Deal About Calcium and Your Bones” on her website at leesaklich.com.


Can I help you with your health & wellness content?


Need an awesome piece of scientifically-referenced content for your health and wellness website? You can check out some samples in my portfolio here, instantly download (and upload to your website) some pre-written “done for you” posts here, or if you’re ready for professionally written content customized for your business, click here.


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