What health articles did Leesa write in March 2017?


What health articles did I write in March 2017?


health articles march


As a health writer, I rely on the science to guide my articles.

I don’t start my research with a perspective, or an “angle.” I start it with a PubMed search for keywords.

And sometimes, I’m surprised with what I find. Especially when it comes to new research that I haven’t heard about.

I find that a lot of the health advice on the internet is based on very preliminary science. Like not-even-studied-in-people-yet science.

Did you know that the end of each research paper has a section called the “Discussion?” That is the part where the scientists discuss their results, and put it into context with other research on the same topic.

They discuss whether their results are similar to other studies. And why or why not.

They discuss difficulties they had, and the strengths and weaknesses of their study design.

But most importantly, they discuss the potential implications of the results of their research.

Implications like whether the research applies to certain health conditions, or whether it should be considered to prevent or treat people. What side effects they expect. And what other areas still need more research.

Health science is an iterative process. All science is. A process that painstakingly looks at detail by detail to try to eventually understand more about how the body works. And eventually when there is a clear picture, legitimate health recommendations can be made.

Some people “jump the gun.” Sometimes, health recommendations are made way (WAY) before there is barely enough evidence to support it. Sometimes results are misinterpreted, or blown totally out of proportion. Sometimes they’re “cherry picked,” where only results that support an initial point of view (or “angle”) are referenced.

And that’s not awesome!

Unfortunately, this results in what I call #hypeforhope. Hyping up the information to fuel someone’s hope.

And that’s something I am very conscious not to do.

Every month I’m proud to present the thoroughly-researched health articles that I write. I actually write a lot more of them, but if they’re “ghostwritten,” my name isn’t on them. 🙂

Have a look at some of the health articles I’ve written this past month.


Here are the health articles I’ve authored on other websites



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Leesa Klich, is a health writer and content strategist for busy wellness professionals. She translates the science of health and wellness into understandable and fun articles. You can download a free copy of her ebook “The Real Deal About Calcium and Your Bones” on her website at leesaklich.com.


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