How to promote blog posts

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How to promote blog posts

promote blog posts

The whole point of your blog is to get in front of your ideal clients so they can see and be impressed by you, subscribe to your email list, and maybe even become paying customers or clients.


There are people out there who need your help! They are waiting for you! And it’s your job to get in front of them!

This is why you need to promote your blog posts.

So, after creating awesome content (and here’s how to write an article for your health blog), you want everyone to know about it, and share it with all of their friends.

Here’s how do you do this.


How much should you promote?

Did you know there are over 2 million blog posts written every day? So, you MUST promote your stuff! A lot!

According to the Content Marketing Institute:

You need to spend much more time in promoting your work than on creating it.

According to Derek Halpern of Social Triggers, you should use the 80/20 rule.

This means you spend 4x more time promoting, than creating! That’s a heckuva promotion strategy!

And, they kinda have a point!

What's the point of having amazing blog posts if no one knows about it? #promotion #blog Click To Tweet

Now, 4x more time, may seem like a bit overboard for you – but are you at least spending the same amount of time promoting as creating?

At least?

Read on to find out some awesome, and often underutilized, strategies you can use to promote your blog posts.

But please, don’t do all of them for every post! (Unless you have lots of time to do this!)

Items I’ve marked with an asterisk* are good places to start. Once you have all those down, then pick others on this list. Or go all out for an absolutely awesome piece you’ve created.

Make CEO-level decisions on how best to use these strategies for your health blog.

Whatever you do, get your blog posts out there!


Before you publish

Yes, your promotion strategy should start even before you publish your post. Here’s how:

Start the buzz

If you’re creating an epic blog post then start the buzz right away. Share on your newsletter and social networks that you’re super-excited about it, what benefits they will get from it, and even some sneak peeks at it.

Build excitement and anticipation – especially for those extra-special pieces of content you’re creating (I mean, you don’t want to overdo this strategy every week!). 😉


Make sure you have a featured image (branded with your logo and colours) that has your post title loud and clear. Make sure the image is clickable, findable, and shareable. It’s actually better to have multiple images for each post – especially the longer ones! I wrote up a whole post about how to make images work for your blog.

If you’re extra awesome (or have the upgraded Canva membership) you can have an image customized for each social platform: Square for FB & Twitter, vertical for Pinterest, etc.

Internal linking*

When you’re writing your newest blog post, use it to promote an older one too! When appropriate, link to another post on your site that complements what you’re saying now. (See what I did above with the images?)

Also, what do you want your readers to do when they get to the end of your post? After they share it (which is my next point) do you offer other blog posts for them to read? Take this opportunity to promote your other blog posts!

There are “related posts” plugins that you can try. (I don’t have one I can personally recommend, as mine was customized for my website.)

promote older blog posts

External linking

If you’ve referenced another blog post outside of your blog (I tell you why you should reference your health recommendations here), then make sure you link to it.

We’ll take this a step further in the “after you publish” part a bit further down. 🙂

Optimize it for search engines (SEO)

You can spend time making your post more “findable” with Google. SEO is a complex thing to master. It’s both an art and a science. And to get ranked #1, you need to do keyword research, and optimize both your post and your entire website.

I’ve had some success with this, but I wouldn’t call myself an SEO expert just yet. That’s why I invited my friends to create a complete checklist of simple SEO tips to share.

Health blog optimization google rank

Two of tools I personally use and recommend to optimize my posts are the webtexttool (for keyword research & blog post optimization), and the free Yoast SEO plugin.

Shareability – Make it easy, and ask for the share*

Which social sharing plugins do you use?

There are tonnes out there.

One that I love is a free plugin called “Better Click to Tweet.” This means I create a few tweets before I publish my post, so my readers can tweet it out with one click. See here:

BLOG TIP: Make sure your blog posts super-easy to share on social media. Install at least one sharing plugin. Click To Tweet

Another one I use is a customization of the plugin ConvertPlus.

ask for shares to promote blog posts

Once you’ve made it super-easy to share your post, ask readers to do it. Sometimes it’s as simple as that!

Make it a popup

If you want to seriously promote a specific post on your blog, then use your popup to alert all readers to it! It’s a strategic call if you want to forego the opportunity to collect email addresses with your popup. But if you have a particularly good, shareable post, complete with opt-ins, then this may be something to consider.


60+ health & wellness topics you can create in 60 minutes

60  health blog ideas %281%29

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After you publish

The fun has just begun!

Get ready to go full-on into blog post promotion mode! 🙂

Internal links*

Remember how we linked our other blog posts to this one? Well, now that this one is published, go back to older posts and link this one where it fits in with them.

Your email signature

You can always add a link to your most recent or most amazing post to your email signature. This way everyone you email can see it.

Did you write it to answer someone’s question?*

If yes, then personally send the link to them in an email, or tag them in social media. Make sure they know it was written for them (and ask them to share). 🙂

Your newsletter*

You’re collecting email addresses right? You have subscription forms on each blog post, right? And maybe on your sidebar too? And a popup or welcome mat?


So, what do you email your growing subscriber list?

Lots of things, but namely your blog posts!

Your newsletter shouldn’t be a copy/paste of your blog post. Put an introduction and a link (or two) for your readers to click and read it on your website.

In your newsletter, you can also include news & updates, special offers, and subscriber-only bonuses as well. But, definitely make sure you’re emailing every new blog post. Your subscribers have already opted-into receiving emails from you, so don’t disappoint!

And, after a few days, feel free to resend it to people who didn’t open your email. You can always change up the subject line and/or add “ICYMI” (in case you missed it).

Social media

Social media strategy is a specialty in and of itself. And the point of social media really is to be…social. So, make sure you’re not JUST sharing your stuff, but sharing other great posts too, and, y’know, being social.

For a bit more advice on how to use social media, check out this post by CoSchedule.

Today, I’m just going to briefly mention how to promote your blog post on social media.

PRO TIP: Never just share your link. Make sure you write up a thoughtful intro to entice people to read it. And use images to get the attention of scrollers.

Share with your social media followers*

Immediately share your freshly published blog post on all of your biz-related social media accounts.

Then go ahead and pin your newest post to the top of your FB & Tw profiles, so anyone who pops over to your profile can see your most recent masterpiece.

PRO TIP: When sharing on Facebook, you can add a full-size image by linking your image before you add your URL. You’ll notice, as soon as you add your URL FB grabs a thumbnail of the featured image. But, you can get a bigger image if you link it first, and then add your URL after.

Do you have a FB or LinkedIn group? Share it there.

No group of your own? (Don’t worry, neither do I!) Share an intro & the link in groups you’re a member of when appropriate and allowed to do so. Many groups don’t allow you to promote your own stuff at all. Some have specified days or threads you can use. So, if and when you can promote your posts – do it!

Are you part of a shared Pinterest board? Share it there too (abiding by the board rules, of course).

Re-share with your social media followers*

Have you seen the piss-poor reach you get on social networks? Like 10%, if that, of your followers see your stuff in their feed? Not to mention new algorithm updates from FB that will make this even worse?

THIS is just one reason why you need to share your awesome blog posts more than once.

Schedule on social media for future sharing on your accounts. This can be completely automated. There are free and paid programs that do this for you.

PRO TIP: NEVER STOP WITH ONE OR TWO PROMOTIONS! (Emphasis intended – this is the #1 reason I see that blogs aren’t getting the results they want from their blogs!)

I personally use Missinglettr to schedule nine (yes, nine) social media shares throughout the year for every single evergreen blog post I create.

I find Missinglettr is better than the average social media scheduler because it helps to draft social media shares for you by taking excerpts from the blog and automatically pulling up images. #TimeSaver #SetItAndForgetIt

Bonus points for going back to your previously published articles and scheduling future social shares of those too!

PRO TIP: Sharing your blog posts with your followers should be part of your social media strategy, but not all of it! Make sure to also share others’ great posts, and be active in groups with your ideal clients and engage with people who don’t follow you as well!

PRO TIP: Ask your social followers to get notifications of your posts. This way they’ll at least be aware every time you post something, even if you never end up in their feed.

Tell the people you’ve linked to*

Remember those external links you added when you referenced someone else’s website? Send them a personal email telling them that their post was so good, you linked to it. You can also tag them in your social media post to tell your audience (and them) that you referenced them.

Don’t be spammy, though. Don’t keep following up with them on the same post, or ask for anything in return (not a response, not even a share). Honestly, don’t even expect a reply. Just let them know you’ve given them a shoutout. To let them get to know you, and build your “know, like, and trust” factor with them.

Find people who shared similar content and ask for a favour – MY way

Yes, this is kinda bold, but you reeeeeally should do it my way!

For the strategy, see Brian Dean’s Skyscraper Technique here.

When you reach out you can ask them to share your post, or even link to it (give you a backlink).

BUT – If you think that a barely personalize form letter is a good idea – think again!

You MUST personalize it. I’d even go further and share some of their posts first, and tag them. When you do email them, link to how you’ve helped them before asking them to help you.

Help people before asking them to help you. Be generous. Be genuine. #bloggeroutreach Click To Tweet

If you are getting some good traction with this post, then maybe try a bit of ad money?


As you get shares…

Make sure to respond to comments, and thank people who’ve shared your blog post! If Gary V and Neil Patel can do it – you can too!

This is a great way to build your audience by acknowledging and thanking some of your true fans, colleagues, and influencers. #gratitude


Advanced Blog Promotion Strategy: Measure metrics

There’s lots of talk about using data to make decisions. By tracking and measuring success you are more likely to replicate success (and avoid making the same mistake over and over).

While, I totally use scientific data to make health decisions and write health articles, this concept also applies to business success. By recording metrics (e.g. views, opt-ins, likes, shares, etc.) for each promotion (e.g. headline, image, date/time shared, newsletter/social network, etc.) you will KNOW what was successful.

Websites like Google Analytics and BuzzSumo can help you collect data on your blog posts too.

When you KNOW which particular promotion yielded more results than others, you can make an evidence-based decision.

  • Maybe you’ll start tweaking one thing at a time to see if it makes a difference; or
  • Maybe you will start putting more effort into replicating that, rather than just continuing to spend time on things that aren’t working!

Either way tracking and measuring success is a definite advanced promotion technique that can help you go farther with your health blog posts.



Promote your blog posts! Don’t be a best kept secret with your health blog safely residing in your tiny corner of the internet.

Your ideal clients, that need your help, are waiting for you! And it’s your job to get in front of them!


Signing off and toasting: To promoting your blog posts to reach your audience.


Over to you


What do you think? Are some of these promotional strategies new? Do you have any “tried and true” ones to add?

I’d love to know (in the comments below)!

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