Health content…for less. Vote for the April discount!


Health content…for less. Vote for the April discount!


OK – I literally JUST had this idea tonight, and I think (hope) you’ll love it!

You need content for your health and wellness website, right?


What if I can give you a week off from creating content this month for the cost of one (nutritious whole food) lunch and smoothie?


I want to give you a steep discount on an article that you can publish on your blog this month.

And I want to do it again in May, and June.

But I don’t know which article you want – So tell me, please!

Every month I am going to choose four done-for-you pre-written blog articles and you can vote for which one you want discounted.

Then, for the rest of that month, that article price will drop from CAD$37 to CAD$17.

These are already researched, written and edited (you can read the introductions and click on each of the references to check them out).

Each one has taken me 4-8 hours to create, so I’m saving you TIME (and letting you borrow my “science brain”)!

Then you can see which one got the most votes and just buy it, download it to your computer, and upload it to your blog as your own content.

Easy peasy.

And waaay less time than creating a post from scratch!

You can even add your own image, personalize it a bit, and BOOM a brand-spanking new blog post in almost no time for just CAD$17.

And then, we’ll do it again next month.

Sound good?


How this works


  1.  Vote in the survey below for the article you want discounted. April’s vote will close at 10:00 a.m. EST on Monday April 10th.
  2.  After 10:00 a.m. on April 10, I will change the price of the article with the most votes. It will go from CAD$37 to CAD$17 until April 30th.
  3.  Then, we’ll do it again next month! Sign up here to be notified by email of next month’s vote.


Vote for April


These are the four articles that you can vote for in April (vote in the survey below):

  1. Top foods for tissue health – 796 words – 8 scientific references (last updated Dec 2016).
  2. Creatine: Will it help my fitness goals? – 1037 words – 10 scientific references (last updated Feb 2017).
  3. Athletes & Antioxidants – 1385 words – 14 scientific references (last updated Feb 2017).
  4. Why we should all be lifting weights – 835 words – 6 scientific references (last updated Dec 2016).


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Leesa Klich, is a health writer and content strategist for busy wellness professionals; specializing in custom and pre-written content. She translates the science of health and wellness into understandable and fun articles.

You can download a free supplement resource for your clients “Before you buy another supplement – read this!” It contains 8 expert tips, with a focus on Canadian law. You can edit it and brand it as you like.

before you buy another supplement

Can I help you with your health & wellness content?


Need an awesome piece of scientifically-referenced content for your health and wellness website? You can check out some samples in my portfolio here, instantly download (and upload to your website) some pre-written “done for you” posts here, or if you’re ready for professionally written content customized for your business, click here.

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