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Oh my gosh!  The holidays are coming right up, and if you’re anything like me, you want someone to narrow down your choices so you don’t needlessly waste time searching for great gifts for your health-conscious (and “sciency”) family and friends.

I would love to present to you my Healthy Holiday Gift Guide (with a bit of science thrown in, of course)!

The best part of this is not that I’ve curated amazing ideas for a healthy holiday, but since they’re all available for online ordering (with some affiliate links), then you don’t even have to tolerate those packed parking lots and endless store line-ups to get them!

You’re welcome!  🙂

Oh, at the very bottom I’ve embedded my favourite version of my favourite Christmas song ever.  I hope you like it!


1 – For the socially conscious


I’m personally more impressed with the thoughtfulness of a gift, or quality time spent together with people I care about.  My favourite book of all time is “Your Money or Your Life” which guides you through several steps to understanding financial intelligence, financial integrity, and financial independence.  It’s quite an “anti-consumerist” book that helps you align your income and spending with your values.

Please don’t take this post as encouragement to spend any more money or purchase any more things than you really need to. 🙂



2 – For the person who wants to stay warm and look awesome


While, I’m someone who enjoys winter (sitting by the fire while the snow gently falls), I’m also someone who enjoys staying warm!

You may know someone who wants to stay warm AND look awesome too.  (Or that may be you?)

SOLUTION:  My sister has an amazing line of handmade and designed in Canada all-natural winter accessories.

Check out some of her freaking gorgeous creations here:


Urban Orchard Scarf


Handmade scarf


All natural scarf


Plus, if you want a custom order, or vegan yarn, you can contact her directly right here.

You can also follow her on instagram here.


3 – For health-conscious people who want a year’s worth of meal ideas (for the cost of a single cookbook!)


First and foremost, I love resources.  I love finding and collecting information, and then reading and sorting through it.  I particularly love anything to do with health and wellness (from both a scientific and holistic perspective), as well as recipes.

Which is why I was honoured to contribute to the Meal Garden Healthy Eating Bundle!

You literally get over $1,000 worth of recipes, meal plans, articles, and ebooks (including my handy science-based book on calcium and your bones).  All for CAD$19.99.

This is a STEAL!

Now, I am more than happy to give you a copy of my ebook for free here.  I tackle the controversies of dairy, high protein diets and calcium supplement safety, all from the perspective of bone health.  Of course, there are dozens of scientific references for you to at the back of the book, if you’re a science nerd like me.


Calcium and your bones


This bundle contains not only my ebook, but hundreds of recipes, over 20 meal plans, and a year’s subscription to Meal Garden (recipe organizing site extraordinaire!). Scoop up this amazing Healthy Eating Bundle here.


Healthy Eating Bundle


4 – For the person who needs to know they’re already awesome


The Wizard of Oz is my favourite movie because the main message here is that you shouldn’t think that you’re missing a part of yourself, or that you need to follow someone else’s path in life.

That whole “follow the yellow-brick road” was a distraction from Dorothy’s ability to go home (i.e. wake up) all on her very own.  She always had that power.  And getting that witch’s broomstick was a task that the wizard wanted done because he himself was afraid of the witch – that was based on his own personal fears (not to mention his lack of concern for Dorothy and her crew).  🙁

Of course at the end, everyone found out they always had everything that they were looking for inside of them (e.g. heart, brain, courage, etc.).


Now go out and rock the world with your awesomeness!



5 – For the person who could use less stress


Adult colouring books are all the rage, and YES I have several!  I even just got myself a 100-pack of Crayola coloured pencils this week.  Woo hoo!

This is NOT news!  I literally bought this colouring book from the university book store when I was taking my Human Anatomy course.

Let me tell you, there are SO many beautiful ones of flowers, animals, landscapes, mandalas, and inspirational quotes.

I’ve even seen some full of tattoos or swear words, or books with racier versions of anatomy…

But here are some more interesting ones: wine (and more on wine here, here, and here), maps, an atlas, a word search, or even things to colour while you go poo.

The scientist in me loves
the one below on fractals, and this one on visual math. This one reminds me of my Master’s thesis in toxicology.  And here’s one with black backgrounds that caught my eye.



6 – For the person who likes their hot drink to stay hot (and cold to stay cold)


I love, love, love this mug!

It keeps hot stuff HOT and cold stuff COLD.  It is stainless steel inside and out, easy to seal/unseal with the pop of a button, and I’ve been throwing it in my dishwasher for years with no problems.

This is an epic travel mug!



7 – For the cook who has (almost) everything


I admit – I’ve seen lots of people talking about these.

I also admit that I already have a slow-cooker (which I LOVE), a rice cooker (which I use often), as well as a yogurt maker.

For some reason, I still want this 7-in-1 Instant Pot.


8 – For the health conscious person who likes quick and easy food prep (and cleanup)

I seriously love my Vitamix.

I don’t just use it for smoothies!  Although it can turn soaked almonds into a creamy, smooth delicious drink!

When I’m baking I add all of the wet ingredients to it, and blend it up so I don’t have to dirty a bowl and mixer arms!  (Bonus!)




And the Vitamix cleans up nicely if you rinse the food out, then add a few cups of soapy hot water to it and blend on high for 30 seconds!

Awesome blending capability and self-cleaning?

I, in fact, don’t know a single person who made the investment in this and doesn’t absolutely love it.  Seriously!

How can you not consider this?



9 – For the seriously nerdy health enthusiast (do you know anyone like me???)


If I didn’t already have it, I would still want access to the amazing supplement information that Examine has!


There are stack guides, their Supplement-Goals Reference (which, as a nutritionist, I refer to several times per week), as well as my new subscription to their monthly Research Digest.


The people at Examine are the bomb when it comes to supplement science.  I never make a recommendation without checking their info first!


Oh, and if you or someone you know may possibly be taking too many supplements, I can help you here.


10 – For kids…all of them


There is one book, hand’s down that I recommend (and give) to just about every kid I see at this time of year.

It was first given to me by my scarf-designing knitting guru sister Sonia several years ago, and it instantly became my absolute favourite kids holiday book of all time.

It actually talks about how the animals stumble upon a shopping mall at this time of year, and how they interpret what all of the people are doing there.  The line-ups, the frenzy and the consumer objective of buying happiness.

This book is amazing – especially the last 2 pages.

Plus, it was written by Thomas King, a professor at my alma mater, University of Guelph.



11 – For everyone

Sorry, I can’t get off my soap box (pun intended), but we really need to consider (1) antibiotic resistance, (2) that it’s National Handwashing Awareness Week in the US,  and (3) that my favourite scientist of all time was Ignaz Semmelweis (otherwise known as “the doctor who championed hand-washing”.

What Semmelweis had discovered is something that still holds true today: Hand-washing is one of the most important tools in public health. It can keep kids from getting the flu, prevent the spread of disease and keep infections at bay.

Now, the bottom line of all of these very important things to consider is that we should be washing our hands properly, more often than we do, and we do not need to use anti-bacterial soap.

Here’s what I personally use in my house (and I’ve been known to gift them to friends on their birthdays!).  It’s got natural ingredients, and is “foaming” so a small amount goes a long way (and it’s easy for kids to use too).  Not to mention it’s from a family-run Canadian company!  I love it!


Mountain Sky Citrus-Bliss Castile Liquid Soap


And for the grand finale of this Healthy Holiday Gift Guide – My favourite version of my favourite Christmas song ever.  I received a whole collection of their CDs for Christmas last year (lucky me!).



Have an awesome holiday!



I’m Leesa Klich, MSc., R.H.N., a content and credibility specialist on a mission to help wellness practitioners get the right information to pass on to their clients and audience to build their businesses and improve public health on an epic scale. When it comes to health, my passion is focusing on what’s right, not who’s right. I help wellness practitioners build credibility by understanding and creating quality content based on the best scientific research. I also compile health research, create customized and “done for you” blog posts, and help strategize blog content. To work with Leesa, click here.

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