Top charity organizations: 3 wellness pros tell us who and why

List of charity organizations with helping hands

We all have different causes that are near and dear to our hearts.

For me, it’s reducing food waste and tackling climate change.

In the spirit of Canadian and US Thanksgiving, Black Friday, all the giveaways I’ve been part of lately, and the upcoming holidays, I want to send some love to those charity organizations that are doing so much good in this world.

I asked some experts in the health and wellness industry the same questions:

  • What is your #1 charity or worthwhile cause?
  • What is it about that particular charity/cause that resonates with you?
  • How do you support them?

I learned about charities that are doing amazing work right now!

Here’s what these awesome experts told me…

World Vision

World vision Canada
Lysiane Resilience

Lysiane de Nadaillac is a Burnout Recovery Coach, Holistic Nutritionist and the founder of the Burnout Rescue Method.

She teaches hardworking and passionate women who work inside the high-performing, high-pressure, and high-stress roles found within the Creative Industries, including Film, Animation, and TV, a simple way to prevent and recover from burnout. It saves her clients time, money in medications and health practitioners, and from feeling alone in their pain.

Why World Vision?

I feel extremely privileged to have been born and raised in one of the most stable and rich countries on the planet (France). It wasn’t because I was any better or more deserving, it was just pure luck. Many kids in the world are born in loving and caring families but in countries with low GDP and/or conflicts. It’s very important for me to be a good global citizen by helping a little kid who hasn’t been as privileged as me to be fed, clothed, and have access to water and education.

How do you support them?

From the moment I got my first stable job, I have been sending monthly donations to a couple of kids in Rwanda. I also send them postcards and little notes through the mail, and I like to send more money for their family to buy what they would need locally for Christmas (like chicken or grains).

Gift a Dream Foundation

Gift a dream
Ayda Sabri

Ayda Sabri

As a single-mother Ayda experienced the struggles and hardship of making ends meet to send her daughter to school and provide for her. She started Gift a Dream Foundation as a one-woman project with the desire to help, to give the opportunity to struggling mothers the help for their girls to get a quality education.

Why Gift a Dream Foundation?

According to UNESCO estimates, 130 million girls between the ages of 6 and 17 are out of school (15 million of these girls are of primary-school age)–and for them equality remains elusive.

Every day girls face barriers to education, their cultural norms force the girls to marry under the age of 18 or they are forced to.

Gift a Dream Foundation provides support for the girls to stay in school, and a safe and encouraging environment for them to continue their studies and protect them from the vulnerability of being a child bride.

It is our mission to support girls facing the greatest barriers to a quality education.

Our aim is to have the girls complete levels of education with the skills to gain employment or further their education to college, university level, and masters.

It is our mission to support girls facing the challenge of having access to quality education.

Gift a Dream’s Foundations mission is to change one child’s life to change a family’s life.

Gift a Dream Foundation International Girl Day

Gift a Dream Foundation Gift an Eduation

How do you support them?


Mission 22

Mission 22

Suzy Suttle is a veteran of the Air National Guard and a Health & Wellness Coach trying to make a difference in her community and the world. Change comes with action, action takes courage. She lives in beautiful Savannah, Georgia, a wonderful military town.

Why Mission 22?

As a veteran I’ve seen how war impacts our military. We lose on average 22 veterans every day to suicide, a statistic that hasn’t changed in years. I want to be part of the action to make a change. Mission 22 provides programs for veterans suffering from PTSD [Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder] and TBI [Traumatic Brain Injury]. As a Health & Wellness Coach, I want to do everything in my power to help.

How do you support them?

Donations, organizing events, and volunteering as an Ambassador with Mission 22.


Thanks SO much to Lysiane, Ayda, and Suzy–the awesome health & wellness experts who shared their fav charity organizations.

I hope this gives us all inspiration and motivation to keep doing awesome work in the world and to support others who are doing this too.

Signing off and toasting: To honouring and supporting those who are doing amazing charitable work!

Over to you


What do YOU think?

What is your #1 charity and why?

I’d love to know (in the comments below)!


  1. Very Special Kids; and charity that provides, care, nurture and assistance to families whose children have life-threatening disorders.
    Why? I started it in 1984 after my son died from leukemia (age 11) and I, with 3 companions, realised that there was no support for families while on this journey.
    It is a unique organisation.

    • I’m so sorry to hear about your son. There are so many gaps in our systems where people need support but it’s not available. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful charity with us.

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