No, I’m not giving you a backlink (or feedback)

No, I’m not giving you a backlink (or feedback)

Not giving you feedback


If you’ve been getting emails from strangers lately asking for backlinks to or feedback on their post, I have the solution for you!

The emails I’m talking about are poorly customized form letters asking for a favour, yet offering nothing in return.

The emails that are impersonal and not very thoughtful.

The email that may be asking for a link to their blog post that may be COMPLETELY INAPPROPRIATE AND UNRELATED TO YOUR BLOG POST.

If you’ve been getting these emails, here’s what you can do.

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The scenario

You get an email that reads something like this:

Pitches to me 1

1 – Generic subject link. (I’m not opening these emails anymore!)

2 – Non-personalized, non-thoughtful accolade.

3 – Friendly ask, with no mention of benefits to blog readers or owner, nor even a tiny offer like a social share.

4 – Unsubscribe? Are you freaking kidding me? I have NOT subscribed (and you’d better not be adding me to your email list!).


Or maybe this:

Pitches to me 2

5 – That’s a home page URL for a website, not an article (how do you “love” that “article?”). This is clearly an import without a person even doing a final edit.

6 – Import of my “official” site name, not the one a normal person would use (e.g. “Leesa Klich Health Writer” vs. “Leesa Klich”).


Or maybe this:

Pitches to me 3

7 – Inappropriate link request. My post is on content curation NOT chia seeds!

Ya, these emails!


What to do in this scenario


First and foremost, if you get something like this DON’T FEEL SPECIAL! The person is using software to create hundreds (thousands?) of these and sending them out to E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E! I find it hard to believe that they actually care about you or your blog readers if they use this method.

Heck, I’m willing to bet they haven’t even read a single one of your blog posts! They may not even know who you are! They’re using a program to search the internet for keywords or people who linked to the one post they’re competing with and you, my friend, are a needle in the haystack.

They’re playing the lottery using the “spray and pray” method to reach out to as many bloggers as possible, hoping for a few bites of their bait.

Secondly, you don’t even have to open these emails, and you certainly don’t have to click or respond. In fact, you probably shouldn’t spend any time even contemplating these requests.

As a side note, I spent time creating this post and video as a public service announcement to my fellow bloggers. Neither you nor I need to spend a second further on this tactic.

Third, if there is a clickable link and you’re curious, make sure it’s not trackable. You do this by hovering over it with your mouse (not sure if/how this works on smartphones). If the link displayed at the bottom of your screen is different from the one they’re showing, don’t click it!

Fourth, if you want to reply (and you don’t have to), I made you a video you can send to them:



Here’s the link to share:

This video tells the person that you’re not going to give them a backlink or feedback. More importantly, it gives them seven tips on how they should approach bloggers in a more generous, genuine way.


Seven tips for cold emailers asking for a backlink or feedback


Want to know the best way to reach out to bloggers? Use these 7 tips so you won't get blacklisted. In the long run, you'll be glad you did. #bloggeroutreach #blogger Click To Tweet


In the video:

1:38 Tip #1 – Create an awesome piece of content (or learn how to)

2:05 Link –…

2:39 Tip #2 – Build your SEO in other ways

3:22 Tip #3 – Send a quality thoughtful email


6:06 Tip #5 –  Start creating your “know, like, and trust” factor

6:51 Tip #6 – Build a relationship with the blogger

7:59 Recap of tips 1-6

9:02 Tip #7 – Be generous to anyone who has already given you a backlink or feedback

9:43 GRATEFUL (Not “great”)!




This tactic seems to be reeeally popular lately. It’s NOT my favourite (in fact, it’s downright disappointing). If you get these emails, you don’t have to click or respond (but you can send them a link to this video). Here it is again:

If you send these kinds of emails, please heed these seven tips.

Signing off and toasting: To building better blogger outreach skills so you may actually get backlinks and/or feedback from fellow bloggers.


Over to you


What do you think? Have you received many of these? Would you give a backlink or feedback? If so, why?

I’d love to know (in the comments below)!

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