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About: Health writing, blogging, and content marketing

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Leesa Klich Health Writer

Nutritionist to professional health writer

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About: Credible health research

Coronavirus misinformation

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Top trends for 2020: from wellness to content

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What is a credible source of online health information?

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Leesa Klich is on a mission to help credible health wellness professionals build their authority with strategically-planned and easy-to-read research-based health articles to build their businesses and improve public health on an epic scale.

Frustrated with the misuse and misinterpretation of health research, Leesa is combining her Master of Science degree and 12 years in the health products industry with her holistic nutrition training and passion for focusing on what’s right, not who’s right.

Now Leesa is on a mission to fix the BS on the internet and get the right information in people’s hands. Is this a claim we actually know isn’t true, or is it really substantiated? And let’s recognize the aspects of holistic health have real research backing their claims.

For over 3 years Leesa has been serving 5,000 online wellness practitioners helping them to understand and create quality content based on the best scientific research. Leesa also creates customized and done-for-you blog posts, and helps optimize health blogs and strategize content to grow credible wellness businesses.

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