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Need help creating content for your blog?

Want to grow your health practice with content marketing?

Want help doing health research online?

Recommended products and services for your health practice

I *personally* use, love, and highly recommend these products. These are affiliate links where I make a commission at no extra charge to you.

Trustworthy science-based nutrition resource I refer to regularly:

Examine personalized

I highly recommend Examine as a science-based unbiased nutrition and supplement reference for health professionals (plus, they have “Personalized Research” for health seekers)

“The money’s in the list” and here’s what I use for my email autoresponder: Convertkit


“The money is in the list!” I use Convertkit as my email autoresponder to grow my subscriber list with great-looking forms, keep in touch with subscribers, and learn how to better engage with them (by tagging clicks)

Good-looking surveys I use to collect feedback and ask my audience’s opinions: ResponseSuite

ResponseSuite affiliate

Knowing what your audience hates and loves is key to constantly refining your business. I use ResponseSuite to create surveys and I love their customizable Thank You pages (I link mine to my booking link to offer a quick chat)

This saves me a lot of time by auto-creating several unique social media posts for each blog post I publish: Missinglettr

Missinglettr affiliate

If you publish quality blog posts, you want to maximize traffic to them over months (and years). I use Missinglettr to auto-create nine (yes nine!) social media posts for every blog post and schedule them to go to my social media followers over the course of the year

I use this to share other people’s blog posts with my followers because it schedules recurring social media posts: SocialBee

SocialBee affiliate

Not all of my social media is sharing my own blog posts. I use SocialBee to create and schedule recurring social media posts from other people’s amazing content

This platform is how I run my freelance business (client info, proposals, contracts, invoices, projects, tasks, calendar, reminders, etc.): Plutio

Plutio affiliate

I personally run my freelance health writing business with Plutio: proposals/contracts (including embedding videos!), invoicing, projects/tasks, time tracking, etc. They even have a mobile app to track on-the-go

The most accurate transcriptions I’ve seen so far: happyscribe

Ever since I started the rEATsearch podcast I’ve been looking for a high-quality transcription software. I was pretty impressed with this one because of its accuracy and the fact that it can tell the difference between two people’s voices and adds timestamps. Yes, the transcripts still need a light edit, but it’s not an overhaul like I’ve had to do with other software.

Recipe collections and meal plans: Mealgarden

Get yourself a 30-day free trial for the mealgarden software and app. See how easy it is to find recipes and put together collections and meal plans. I love their extensive search filters that helps find meals to accommodate just about any food sensitivity in seconds.