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Hey, I’m Leesa!

Health writer – Blogging expert – Research nerd.


I help health and wellness professionals save time and build their authority by providing pre-written health content that’s valuable, engaging, easy-to-understand . . . and research-based. They want to stand out in a saturated, often unqualified, market of entrepreneurs who are not up-to-date on the latest high-quality studies that support their wise health advice. My done-for-you content helps health and wellness professionals establish trust with their audiences and build their brand authority, while attracting more ideal clients without having to research and write themselves.

How can I help you grow your health practice?

I add credibility to health and wellness services and save professionals a ton of time so they don’t have to do the research or writing themselves. I create engaging, easy-to-understand content based on the best scientific research. I also compile health research, create customized and done-for-you articles, develop custom optimization plans to boost website traffic/subscribers, and help strategize/plan content to market their health practices.