How do I ramp up my health blog?

  • Are you 100% confident in your content?

  • Do you regularly publish at your optimal frequency?

  • Are your blog posts and podcast/vlog episodes amazingly high quality and niche-specific?

  • Do you plan your health content out months in advance so it supports your launches and rocks your business?

Leesa Klich wondering

If you answered yes to these, then CONGRATS, you are a content master!

If not, I can SO help you. And fast!

The way I’ve seen content mastery in the past few years as a health writer and ghostblogger, there are three main areas practitioners struggle with:

1 – Health Blog Posts

2 – Health Blog Review

3 – Health Blog Strategy

So, let me ask you a few questions so you can quickly see where you’re at.

Health Blog Posts – Five “yes” or “no” questions

a) Do you publish content (blog posts, podcast/vlog episodes, etc.) consistently? Say, every week or 2, or even several times per week?

b) Are you happy with your current publication schedule and frequency?

c) Do you usually know what topics to blog, vlog, or podcast about?

d) Do you thoroughly enjoy (or have a reliable source for) the research, creation, and editing to make top notch content for your blog/podcast/vlog?

e) Do you usually have your articles/episodes ready on time, or even ahead of time?

If you answered mostly “yes” to these, then you’re pretty great at publishing content. Let’s move on to Health Blog Review.

If you answered mostly “no” to these, and you want a source of high-quality health content, then check out these blog post creation resources.

Health Blog Review – Five “yes” or “no” questions

a) Is your blog generating a regular stream of traffic?

b) Are you happy with the engagement you get after you publish your newest piece?

c) Do your readers subscribe to your email list, and share your posts on social media?

d) Do you maximize the use of internal and external links in your posts?

e) Do you know what your health blog needs to optimize traffic, engagement, and conversions?

If you answered mostly “yes” to these, then your blog is in awesome shape! Let’s move on to the last category of strategy.

If you answered mostly “no” to these, then I can have a look at your blog and give you a check out these resources.

Health Blog Strategy – Five “yes” or “no” questions

a) Do you align your blog/vlog/podcast content with holidays and relevant health-themed days/weeks/months?

b) Do you have a “content mission statement” that clearly documents your content strategy?

c) Do you know what topics to cover weeks in advance?

d) Do you regularly measure the success of your content?

e) Are you willing to make the commitment to strategize and plan your content yourself?

If you answered mostly “yes” to these, then you’ve pretty much mastered the art & science of great health content. (Wanna work together?)

If you answered mostly “no” to these, then I can help you here.