Confidently and consistently provide client-attracting science-based health information to your audience without researching and writing it yourself.

If you want to:

  • Build your authority in your health and wellness niche with credible science-based content.

  • See more loyal readers and subscribers signing up to work with you because they TRUST YOU above the often misinformed industry.

  • Save a ton of time so you don’t have to find, understand, and condense research into content that’s easily grasped by your audience all by yourself.

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What people are saying about my Done For You Health Articles

I’ve been using Leesa for a few months now, and I totally love using her DFY blogs! It saves me time on those days when I just run out of steam keeping up with writing my own blogs, while trying to build a biz and taking care of life generally.

I love her content. It’s easy to read and understand, and she has great links! I also love the fact that I can alter the content to my heart’s content to make it sound more like my own voice.

I’m a flowery writer, that means it tends to get long. Leesa’s content is just the right length.”

~ Rebecca, C.H.N.C.

What people are saying about my Custom Health Writing

Since working with Leesa I have launched a Diet and Lifestyle Change Program and had 29% of my list buy!

I enjoy her writing style because she writes in a way that clients can understand and relate to, while being accurate and scientifically backed up. Leesa was professional and easy to work with. Not only that, I have improved my own sourcing and writing by following her example.

I would recommend Leesa and her services to practitioners who want to up-level their content and help reach their ideal client.

~ Nikki Stadnyk
Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant
Functional Nutrition Coach – Josh Gitalis

Need help planning and strategizing your blog?

What people are saying about my Health & Food Awareness Dates Calendar

I bought the Health and Food Dates Awareness calendar five minutes ago, and in the last four minutes I have drafted an article about food awareness dates (did you know The National Confectioners Association have FOUR days in July alone?). This is going to change the way I plan my blog posts, and to have the hashtags for the awareness days means that when I share my articles I can increase my exposure without investing my most precious resource: time. This will also help prevent me getting lost on social media trying to find the hashtags myself, because that does happen- a lot! Any tool that saves time is worth an investment and this has paid for itself already.

~ Gemma Boak, BSc PGCE MSc
Autoimmune Wellness blogger and host of The Psoriasis Podcast

What people are saying about my Content Calendar Coaching

“I didn’t want to hire just another coach and not get anything out of it, or just get an accountability partner. After working with Leesa I now have a consistent blog and newsletter that goes out weekly, plus a clear plan for my marketing that I can follow and repeat. I’ve noticed a definite increase in people reaching out for sessions with me.

Leesa made things seem less complicated and completely doable. I have more confidence in my offerings to my clients, what I want to promote, and making sure my message is consistent.

I recommend Leesa’s Content Calendar Coaching if you want to put out any information to your clients, whether via blog, newsletter, social media, etc. and DON’T want to waste your time and energy for no reward.

~ Andrea, RHN

Need help with blog traffic and engagement?

What people are saying about my Health Blog Optimization Plan

“Before I started working with Leesa I wasn’t paying too much attention to how I was using my blog. Worrying about SEO, keywords, and share buttons seemed too complicated and overwhelming. In just 45 minutes together, Leesa was able to teach me some simple to implement steps that helped make blogging so much easier and more effective.

Leesa is extremely dedicated to helping her clients achieve ease and flow in their blogging efforts as well as in their business. She is a dream come true for any health and wellness practitioner who wants to grow their business and create a reputable brand.

I highly recommend Leesa to anyone in the health and wellness industry who wants to make their blog stand out and gain attention!

~ Jill Kane, CHC
Wellness & Weight Loss For Busy Women

What people are saying about my Health Blogging Courses

“I have seen so many courses that just spew the same over-generalized ‘how to become a millionaire with nothing more than a blog and some elbow grease.’ I watched your entire course (except the part about credible health resources, because I am not a health blogger, plus I also have a Master’s degree!) because I found you added value where everyone else was lacking.

What made you stand out is the detail you put into explaining the algorithms and value systems that affect the blog posts. You gave us tips about how to actually do something . . . so many others give general lessons (like, as long as you stay motivated your blog will be successful!). The technical, detailed explanations are what I need, so thank you!

I actually paused your course a few times to go immediately change some things, so I have already updated my About page, Contact page, and have started to look at author boxes. I will be looking at site speed next!”

~ Paisley

Need help finding health research?

What people are saying about my health research summaries

“Right off, a few great things about working with Leesa are that, firstly, she gives you a number of options to consider so that more readily can fit your needs and or budget. Secondly, she’s very professional in her process of on-boarding you as a client with her clear query system of finding out what you want and then making the timeline of when she’ll accomplish the work very specific, and topping it off, is that she seems to not be able to help herself in adding extra tweaks to your project because I fully gather she’s having as much fun and enjoyment working on your material as the works she creates for her own business.

Leesa’s enthusiasm leaves you feeling that the result is a great synergy—well better off than what you may have come up with on your own.”

~ Robert Curtis

What people are saying about my credible health research courses

“Great information, just what I have been searching for. I have been having trouble finishing articles because I am never sure I am finding the right evidence and research. This makes me feel so much more confident about the links and evidence I will be sharing. Thanks Leesa.”

~ Zoe
Natural Health Writer and Blogger

Want my help with your health blog or content strategy?

Hey! I’m Leesa:

  • Health Writer

  • Blogging Expert

  • Research Nerd

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I help health and wellness professionals build their authority with scientific health content. They want to stand out in a saturated, often unqualified, market of entrepreneurs. My research supports their brands and helps them build trust with their audiences. I add credibility to their services and save them a ton of time so they don’t have to do the research or writing themselves.

My products and services are for you if…

  • You want stellar, high-quality, science-based health content that you don’t have to create from scratch yourself.

  • You want expert eyes on your health blog to see what you can do to attract more subscribers and clients.

  • You want a powerful plan for your blog that chooses topics to build your business so you don’t have to worry about what to publish every time.

  • You want to know what the current research says on your health topic and get credible references for your blog, products, and programs.

Why hire me?

  • I’m a science-based holistic nutritionist (MSc, R.H.N.) with a knack for organization and planning.

  • I know (and value) the holistic approach to health, and I’m pretty awesome at digging into the scientific research to see what’s what (and sometimes even I’m surprised with what I find).

  • I’m a credibility-building prolific health content creator.

  • I can look at a blog and see what it needs to become a content marketing machine.

  • I also strategize and plan health content to help build your wellness practice.

  • Not to mention the fact that I freaking LOVE doing all of it!

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