Hey! I’m Leesa:

  • Health Writer

  • Blogging Expert

  • Research Nerd

I help health & wellness professionals attract more email subscribers & clients using their blogs. I move them from feeling stumped & overwhelmed to confidently & consistently showing off their expertise. I make credible research-based blogging both strategic & easy, which saves them a ton of time so they can focus on what lights them up in their business & life.

Who I Work With

I work with online health & wellness professionals who are ready for their blogs to get the attention they deserve. They’re eager to go from a best kept secret to an authority in their field.


  • Feel pressure to blog, have no plan, and feel overwhelmed.

  • Have trouble coming up with consistent blog ideas and don’t know what to write about.

  • Get stumped by the number of post ideas they have, and can’t just choose one.

  • Don’t have time to create or research new blog posts every week.

  • Feel their biggest challenge is to have their blog organized and planned.

What We Do Together


  • Build your online expertise in your field.

  • Be empowered, having valuable strategies that will help convert readers into subscribers.

  • Start to see more loyal readers and subscribers signing up to work with you.

  • Be pumped to blog, knowing your email list is growing and your waiting list will soon be full.

  • Save a ton of time so you can focus on what lights you up in your business & life.

How can I help you?

Need premium quality pre-researched health articles for your blog or program?

Done for you health articles

SAVE TIME! Especially to fill in the gaps when you just can’t create something yourself! Download, customize, and publish these premium “done for you” blog posts. They are the highest quality, most well-researched ones on the market. And when any one is sold to 50 people, then it’s gone forever!

Need your blog to attract more subscribers and clients?

health blog optimization plan

Health Blog Optimization Plan

Get more readers to sign up for your email list and attract more ideal clients using your blog posts. You’ll learn exactly the things you need to turn your blog into a marketing tool that consistently grows your business. Be pumped to blog, knowing your email list is growing and your waiting list will soon be full.

Need to know key “awareness dates” for your marketing strategy?

Health and Food Awareness Dates Calendar

Just imagine how nice it would be to know when all of those special dates like “World Health Day” and “National Breast Cancer Awareness Month” were coming up.

You’d be able to plan out and customize your content around each date, seizing every opportunity to be on the cutting edge in your niche.

Want ALL of the above?

content calendar coaching

Content Calendar Coaching

You and I will work together to create a content strategy and 3 month editorial calendar specifically designed to help you:

  • attract your ideal audience,
  • show your credibility in your niche,
  • grow your email list, and
  • increase leads and sales.

Need to know the latest health research?

Custom PubMed Health Research

If you want the actual studies found, reviewed, and relevant excerpts pointed out (but don’t have the time or desire to do it yourself), let me do it for you!

Use the studies themselves as references for your next post, product, or program, let me find them for you!

Need something else about health writing, blogging, or research?

Need custom content written just for you? Don’t worry! I offer freelance custom health writing services as well.

Check out my custom health writing services.

I also offer one-on-one consultations if you’re at a crossroads or you want to take your blog farther faster!

Click here to book a consultation (or two) with me.

My products and services are for you if…

  • You want stellar, high-quality, science-based health content that you don’t have to create from scratch yourself.

  • You want expert eyes on your health blog to see what you can do to attract more subscribers and clients.

  • You want a powerful plan for your blog that chooses topics to build your business so you don’t have to worry about what to publish every time.

  • You want to know what the current research says on your health topic and get credible references for your blog, products, and programs.

Why hire me?

  • I’m a science-based holistic nutritionist (MSc, R.H.N.) with a knack for organization and planning.

  • I know (and value) the holistic approach to health, and I’m pretty awesome at digging into the scientific research to see what’s what (and sometimes even I’m surprised with what I find).

  • I’m a credibility-building prolific health content creator.

  • I can look at a blog and see what it needs to become a content marketing machine.

  • I also strategize and plan health content to help build your wellness practice.

  • Not to mention the fact that I freaking LOVE doing all of it!

Leesa Klich coffee

Questions? Shoot me an email at leesa [at] leesaklich.com