Get more ideal clients willing to pay you as their go-to health expert by making your blog work for you!

WARNING: Randomly posting non-specific, vague, mediocre content makes you invisible in the sea of health and wellness blogs.

Anyone can post random health content to their blog, vlog, or podcast.

Chances are you’ve seen some pretty boring, forgettable, and even “bad” stuff out there. It doesn’t quite convey what they stand for, you don’t see them as an expert, and you have no idea if they can help you.

You do NOT want to be like that.

You want to grow your wellness business by being known as the “go to” expert in your field. You don’t want to be forgettable in the $4.2 trillion wellness industry.

You know you can use your blog content to grow your audience, email list, and income. I mean, it’s your online calling card and should hustle as your smart, savvy salesperson 24/7.

But you’re not really sure how to make that happen.

You don’t have a plan for your blog posts, so you waste time trying to figure out what to publish. You’re throwing something up because, well, “It’s Thursday and today I publish blog posts.” They’re sometimes off-topic and don’t have a specific purpose in mind to grow your business. You don’t know if anyone’s going to care about this or read it buuut at least you’re being consistent, right?

You sit at your computer, watching the seconds tick by, pulling out your hair because you’re up against a deadline but don’t have any good ideas or the words just aren’t coming.

You waste time only to end up publishing short, generic content that seems to be the same as everyone else’s.

Or worse… publishing nothing at all.

Every day that goes by without high-quality, niche-specific, engaging content on your blog, vlog, or podcast is time you could be getting more subscribers and clients. Most people aren’t finding you online at all, and those who are don’t really know you’re an expert in your field and can help them. You know what they say, “When you confuse you lose,” because content on every topic from hydration to moods to digestive health to fitness to aging gracefully sure doesn’t make you a leader in any of these.

There’s a lot riding on this!

BUT… what if you could:

  • Increase the number of ideal clients reaching out to you because they found you online and know YOU can help them reach their specific health goals.

  • Spend more time coaching, working with clients, and doing work you enjoy – and not stressing about what to publish every. single. time.

  • Grow your email list of potential clients and consistently keep in touch with them by sharing your blog, vlog, or podcasts.

  • Be confident that your content strategy reflects your expertise and is fully aligned to help you grow your wellness business.

  • Feel relieved knowing you have a clear plan for your content marketing and a process you can follow and repeat – no more staring at a blank screen.

Content calendar coaching,

a proven system to create a clear, consistent content strategy and editorial calendar that will save you time, attract your ideal clients, showcase your expertise, grow your email list, and increase sales.

This isn’t a cookie-cutter approach to content marketing where you’ll blend in with everyone else out there. It’s a powerful personalized strategy and calendar that relies on high-quality niche-specific content to grow YOUR specific wellness business.

We’ll get really intentional so you can stand out in the saturated wellness market and become the “go to” professional in your field.

I’ll help you move away from using short, boring content (please, not another article on “5 reasons to drink more water”!) and start planning content that specifically shows off YOUR expertise and attracts (and connects with) YOUR ideal clients.

Become known as the “go to” professional


Having a clear and structured content strategy and editorial calendar means you don’t have to stress over what topics to blog about and when people find you online it’s crystal clear to them that you are the “go to” professional in your field.

Imagine how organized you’ll feel when you see your editorial calendar strategically planned out months in advance (like a real CEO!). Yep, you’ll be on top of your stuff.

We’re talking about a plan that will help set YOU apart from others in the industry and attract email subscribers and your ideal clients.

A solid content strategy has been proven to increase traffic to your website so you’ll start to see more leads and more sales.


It’s that simple!

content calendar coaching

Don’t take my word for it! Here’s proof:

Six months after implementing my content marketing strategy in April 2017, my website traffic increased 4.4x. A year later, it’s 10x higher! And I hadn’t paid for any advertising at all.

Strategy & editorial calendar april
Traffic increase september
dr-carla-hightower-livinghealthworks - leesa klich - content calendar coaching

“Before working with Leesa, blogging was challenging and time-consuming. In addition, I did not have a clear strategy for content creation that would help my business grow. She showed me several ways to creatively repurpose my content so that I was able to cut my writing time in half and still create great content for my followers. Leesa gave me excellent strategies for matching the content to my business objectives.

She uses a logical step by step process for creating a blog editorial calendar and also showed me how to use social media in ways that turn the blog into a powerful marketing tool. One of the best parts about working with Leesa is that she taught me an amazing system for using the blog to grow my email list.

Leesa is an outstanding blogging expert and health writer. While she coached me on writing, she ghostwrote a blog for me and it is one of my top-performing blogs. Leesa did a thorough reviewed of my website, pointed out issues, and showed me exactly how to correct the problems. In our follow up sessions, she took time to teach me how to analyze my stats so that I can make even more progress in the long-term. She is truly multitalented and I highly recommend her.”

~ Dr. Carla Hightower, Certified Integrative Health Coach

Living Health Works

By publishing content that is in-depth, niche-specific, credibility-building, and strategically promotes your offers to your ideal clients, you will gain more visibility and traction for your business.

Creating a solid strategy for your blog, vlog, or podcast can be difficult and time-consuming. To really “nail it” you’d factor in your ideal client’s pains and wants, your business goals, your marketing calendar, your personal and business key dates, other related health- and food-awareness dates, etc.

That’s where I come in.

We will sit down together and create a clear content strategy mission statement. Then, we’ll keep the strategy in mind and plan your blog topics and calls to action for the next 12-weeks based on a  publishing schedule that works for you.

We’re not pulling from a vault of topics or ideas here…every single topic and call-to-action is intentionally designed to seamlessly fit into your business and help you reach your goals. No two plans are alike! If you tried to take your plan and use it for someone else, it wouldn’t work!

Having a strategy in place will help you clearly communicate your expertise and message with ease and confidence, showing your readers why YOU are their best choice in this huge (and growing) wellness industry.

This is a perfect fit for you if:

  • You’re frustrated because you haven’t been getting enough new subscribers or clients from your blog, vlog, or podcast.

  • You never know what to publish or how each post is designed to grow your wellness business.

  • You’re overwhelmed and haven’t been consistently publishing blog posts or vlogs or podcast episodes.

  • You already have a pretty clear idea of your niche and target market.

  • You’re tired of using boring, generic content that doesn’t reflect the expert you are.

  • You want to get serious about using content marketing to strategically grow your business.


This isn’t for you if:

  • You want a “done for you” (DFY) cookie-cutter content strategy. We will create a specific strategy together based on your niche and business.

  • You just want to publish short, bland content instead of in-depth, research-backed content that showcases your expertise.

  • You aren’t ready to grow your business with the power of strategic blogging, vlogging, or podcasting because you WILL see an increase in traffic.

  • You don’t have time to spend at least a few hours creating, customizing, or updating each piece of content, and publishing and promoting it because that is one critical piece of the content marketing puzzle that leads to online success.

So, if you want to get SERIOUS about your blog, vlog, or podcast and are ready to make it work, this coaching package is for you.

With a great strategy and editorial calendar in place, you will gain visibility and credibility, grow your audience, and strategically promote your offers, all with a lot less stress and effort.

Is Content Calendar Coaching right for you?

Who am I anyway? And why should you trust me to majorly uplevel your blog and its impact?

Leesa Klich coffee

Hey, I’m Leesa!

I’m a health writer, blogging expert, and all around research nerd.

Strategically-planned, high-quality, research-based content to help grow your business is my jam.

Researching, writing, and planning blog content is my zone of genius (and I freaking love it!). As a science-based nutritionist, I was recognized for my health writing skills and was asked to author and ghostwrite by a few fellow nutritionists. It took me a few months to realize that this is EXACTLY how I love to work and who I love to work with.

A few years ago I dove into the science of content marketing and content strategy and tried it on my own blog – with awesome results! I seem to be able to look at a bunch of content and see patterns to categorize and strategize it to help my clients grow their online expertise and attract ideal clients.

Leesa Klich with book

I’m here to help you go from frazzled and confused about blogging to having a strong, organized content strategy that will build your influence, credibility, and income.

What people are saying:

“SO AWESOME! Thank you for your brilliance ?

I’ve never felt so excited to blog. Having a plan is seriously going to make a world of difference. Looking forward to digging in.
Thanks again Leesa!”

~ Yvette, Passionate Cook, Educator, Holistic Nutritionist, Wife, Mama ♥

“I just had a great session with Leesa Klich planning my content calendar for the next three months. I feel like I have a plan and some organization to my planning for the next while. This is a great way to start the new year. Thanks for all your help! I’m feeling great about the next few months.”

~ Jenna Kelland, CHN & PhD – Holistic nutrition professional and adult educator.
Spark Wellness

Here’s what you get:

  • Content Strategy Session – Together, let’s create your content strategy mission statement so it’s crystal clear and helps ensure all the content you publish is specifically targeted to your ideal client and how YOU are their “go to” expert (2-hour 1:1 session – $300 VALUE).

  • Strategic Keyword Research Report – Rank higher in search engines when I find the best keywords in your niche so you can publish awesome blog posts that get found by your ideal clients exactly when they’re looking for you and ready to buy (my offline deep-dive report – $497 VALUE).

  • Custom Designed Editorial Calendar – Based on our Content Strategy Session I will plan out your blog post topics and the relevant calls to action for 12-weeks so you know exactly what to publish when and how that piece is going to help strategically build your email list and lead to your paid offerings ($300 VALUE).

  • VIP Health Blog Optimization Plan – Now that you’ll have all this amazing content planned, you want to make sure it’s marketing your business 24/7! I dive deep into your blog and give you a ton of ways you can turn it into a business-building content marketing machine (my offline review and report, plus a 1-hour 1:1 session – $297 VALUE).

  • Extra Support Session(s) – You can book another session with me any time when you need some extra support on your blogging, strategy, planning, or even health research. This is good up to six months from when we begin working together (1-hour 1:1 session – $150 VALUE; or choose the VIP option and get three 1-hour sessions – $450 VALUE).

  • Bonuses... Plus $486 worth of AWESOME bonuses. 

Content Calendar Coaching with Leesa

Make my blog work for me - VALUE $1883

Content Strategy Session

Strategic Keyword Research Report

Editorial Calendar Planning Session

VIP Health Blog Optimization Plan

Extra Support Session with Leesa #1



Get started with 50% down

Bonuses (VALUE $486):

  • Four credibility-building done-for-you health articles
  • Calendar of health- and food-related
  • Links to 80 copyright-free health & wellness images to use
  • Niche Masterclass by Sherry Rothwell
  • COURSE: Ramp up your blog’s visibility

VIP Content Calendar Coaching with Leesa

Make my blog work for me - VALUE $2183

Content Strategy Session

Strategic Keyword Research Report

Editorial Calendar Planning Session

VIP Health Blog Optimization Plan

Extra Support Session with Leesa #1

Extra Support Session with Leesa #2

Extra Support Session with Leesa #3

Get started with 50% down

Bonuses (VALUE $486):

  • Four credibility-building done-for-you health articles
  • Calendar of health- and food-related dates
  • Links to 80 copyright-free health & wellness images to use
  • Niche Masterclass by Sherry Rothwell
  • COURSE: Ramp up your blog’s visibility

Is Content Calendar Coaching right for you?

BONUS #1: Four pre-written done-for-you health articles for your site

$188 VALUE

Professionally written, research-based, long-form health & wellness articles to establish you as an expert in your field.

BONUS #2: Comprehensive calendar of health- and food-related dates.

Know when all of those special dates like “World Health Day” and “National Breast Cancer Awareness Month” are coming up and customize your content around them. Never be the only one who forgot to create content for the niche-specific dates again!

VALUE: $27

BONUS #3: Links to 80 free health and wellness images hand-picked by me

These are beautiful copyright-free images that will look great on your wellness website and blog. Ditch those boring stock photos and start getting noticed with awesome new images!

VALUE: $27

(If you already have the free secret bonus image links from previously purchasing a DFY article, no fear, these are totally new.) 😉

BONUS #4: Niche Masterclass

Because having a defined niche is SO important to define your content strategy, I’ve teamed up with Sherry Rothwell of Nutrition Wisdom for this pre-recorded masterclass.

In this Niche Masterclass, we do the inner work of getting clarity about the kind of person you want to work with – so that your ideal clients can find you!

Finding your niche is partly about ‘chemistry’ and partly about getting clear on the results your service offers. We’ll uncover that ‘special someone’ who wants what you’ve got – so that you can design the perfect program that marries what you love, with the people who want it the most!

This masterclass will give you a head start in your business, by getting you on track and attracting clients you love right from the start.

VALUE: $97

BONUS #5: Ramp up your blog’s visibility by getting your blog posts in front of waaaay more people

Stop hearing crickets and seeing no views after you publish your blog posts!

The top content marketing experts agree that the internet has changed. You can’t just “publish it and they will come.” Once you’ve invested in a great blog post that you’re proud of and reflects your excellence, you need to promote it—a lot.

This course gives you the ins and outs starting with the basic things you must do at a minimum and ending with advanced strategies.

VALUE: $147

“I didn’t want to hire just another coach and not get anything out of it, or just get an accountability partner. After working with Leesa I now have a consistent blog and newsletter that goes out weekly, plus a clear plan for my marketing that I can follow and repeat. I’ve noticed a definite increase in people reaching out for sessions with me.

Leesa made things seem less complicated and completely doable. I have more confidence in my offerings to my clients, what I want to promote, and making sure my message is consistent.

I recommend Leesa’s Content Calendar Coaching if you want to put out any information to your clients, whether via blog, newsletter, social media, etc. and DON’T want to waste your time and energy for no reward.

~ Andrea, RHN

Got questions? I’ve got answers!

Having a strategic clear plan takes the guesswork out of what to say to build your expertise on the internet. You won’t be struggling every week with what topics to create or how they tie into your paid offers. Instead of spending thinking about what to write, just sit down, look at your strategic editorial calendar, get the topic, and immediately start writing or recording. You may have to create some content on your own, but you WILL get FOUR of my well-researched done-for-you health articles to use as-is or customize (BONUS #1).

That’s the beauty with strategizing both “sticky” and “fluid” dates into your editorial calendar! There will be some topics you will want to stick to on certain dates (“sticky” dates). Things like your birthday, biz anniversary, or niche-specific health/food dates (see BONUS #2). There will also be some stickiness when you’re leading up to a launch of your product/service.

BUT, the rest of the dates can be “fluid,” where they can be bumped and moved around based on the latest news or question from your audience. We will plan both types of dates into your editorial calendar. This is all part of a solid content strategy!

Anytime within 3-months of purchasing!

Once you purchase your coaching, your spot is guaranteed for three months. You can decide when you want to plan your content and which 12-weeks we’re planning. It could be right away, or maybe you want to wait a month or two to plan out the next quarter. It’s up to you!

We will create a content strategy that is unique to your niche and your business. By doing this instead of using someone else’s generic content or strategy, you can be more specific about what content you’re creating and how it will attract more niche-specific ideal clients to you. This is especially powerful when you combine each blog post topic with a specific call-to-action. Each business is unique in its own way, and if you’re creating content like everyone else you’re never going to stand out.

This is where the strategic planning and bonuses come in! You’ll get to choose any four of my pre-written done-for-you articles (BONUS #1). We’ll plan those right into your editorial calendar. My health articles are  well-researched, quite long, and in-depth (I’m all about quality!), so they can be customized however you want, including breaking them up into two or more different posts, or record yourself talking about the topic.

Also, we’ll plan a few “quick win” topics into your editorial calendar.

Plus, knowing what you’re going to publish ahead of time gives you the freedom to be able to “batch create” a bunch of posts all at once.

I’m thrilled to offer BONUS #4 to help with this! I teamed up with Sherry Rothwell at Nutrition Wisdom. She created the Niche Masterclass which is available to everyone who purchases this Content Calendar Coaching. If you need help with niching, you will get access to her recorded class as well as the worksheet. I strongly recommend you make time to go through this class before our first session so we’ll be able to create a content strategy that targets your niche specifically.

Like many things in life, a lot of the results will depend upon you and how much work you put in. However, implementing a solid content strategy and editorial calendar can grow your traffic and sales when done correctly. I have seen results in my own business and so have many others. Scroll up to see my personal results and read the testimonials from my amazing clients.

I’m so glad you asked!

My strategy and editorial calendar were my plan and directions that got me where I am now. After creating my plan, I executed it. This meant high-quality blog posts weekly throughout those six months, and some of those were epic blog posts! I also guest posted on another blog and was a guest for a live “ask me anything” video call on another one. And, of course, I promoted my blog posts and guest appearances in my newsletter and on social media. But, it all started with a strategy and calendar.

We can get started right away (or within 3-months, if you want) with 50% down. You will simply get invoiced for 25% per month for the next two months – easy peasy!

No interest charges. No hidden fees. Just straight up three monthly payments of: 50%, 25%, and 25%.

Is Content Calendar Coaching right for you?