Health and Wellness Professionals:
Attract More Subscribers and Clients with a Solid Blog Marketing Strategy That Works for You

You know your blog is key when it comes to growing your online health and wellness business, but you’re stumped as to why it’s not working for you. You blog, but almost no one is commenting on or sharing your posts, let alone signing up for your email list or becoming clients.

You feel pressure to blog, but it’s a struggle that sometimes doesn’t seem worth the effort. You’re frustrated because you’re taking time away from clients, but you only get crickets when you post.

You invest time and energy on your blog posts and you want to feel confident that they’re going to market your business. You’re not sure what you need to do to get your blog to convert readers into subscribers and clients.

You’re finally ready for your blog to get the attention it deserves. You’re eager to go from a best kept secret to an authority in your field. You can’t wait to learn how to maximize your blogging efforts and attract a steady stream of new subscribers on autopilot.

You’re excited to have more people on your list to develop the “know, like, and trust” factor with and see sales for your products and/or programs start rolling in. You’re looking forward to more potential clients contacting you to set up discovery calls.

Don’t you wish someone could tell you exactly what to do to make your blog posts attract more subscribers and clients?

I’m Leesa, Health Writer, Blogging Expert, and Research Nerd. I help online wellness professionals like you get more readers to sign up for your email lists and attract more ideal clients using your blog posts. You’ll learn the exact things you need to turn your blog into a marketing tool that consistently grows your business.

The Health Blog Optimization Plan will help get you more subscribers and more clients

Here are some of the amazing results you’ll get:

  • Be empowered, having valuable strategies that will help convert readers into subscribers into clients with a powerful marketing tool that you know is working for you.

  • Get your posts in front of even more ideal clients when your loyal readers and subscribers share them with their friends.

  • Be pumped to blog knowing it’s growing your email list, subscribers are signing up to work with you, and your waiting list will soon be full.

Are you ready to attract more clients and subscribers with your blog?

I can’t wait to help you!

Single Blog Post Optimization Plan

Learn marketing strategies you can use on all future blog posts
$97 CAD

45-minute Blog Optimization Session

Blog Optimization Plan based on the checklist

Blog Optimization Checklist includes a review of:

  • Blog post format & structure (1 post)
  • Blog post content (1 post)
  • Calls to action & Opt-in incentives
  • Blog post promotions

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health blog optimization plan

VIP Health Blog Optimization Plan

Learn marketing and user experience strategies to make your blog grow your business
$297 CAD

45-minute Blog Optimization Session

Blog Optimization Plan based on the report

Blog Optimization Report includes a review of:

  • Blog post format & structure (6 posts)
  • Blog post content (6 posts)
  • Calls to action & Opt-in incentives
  • Blog post promotions
  • Blog position in menu
  • Main post page
  • Blog post organization/categories
  • Searchability of your blog
  • URL format
  • Quantity/Frequency of posts
  • Broken links?
  • Social shares status

Click here to get your VIP Health Blog Optimization Plan for just $297

The Health Blog Optimization Plan includes


Blog Optimization Session

Our Blog Optimization Session is a 45-minute video call (which will be recorded). Together we’ll dive into your blog post on the screen (or your full report if you choose VIP) and look at all the opportunities you have to increase subscribers, comments, shares, and grow your readers’ interest in your products and services. After this session, you’ll understand the content marketing elements of a blog post so you can apply the same principles to all the blog posts moving forward.

Blog Optimization Checklist (or Report*)

Your Blog Optimization Checklist is full of simple things you’ll be able to implement right away to make it easy for your readers to subscribe to your email list, share your posts, and get them interested in your products and services. Together, we’ll identify your action items for quick wins and long-term growth.

*Wanna go deeper? You can upgrade to the VIP option that includes a more comprehensive blog audit – from your content to your format, even how user-friendly your blog is! Check out this amazing option in the table!

Blog Optimization Plan

We’ll create your prioritized personal action plan based on the checklist (or report for VIP). You’ll be empowered about your blog because these powerful strategies will help your posts attract more subscribers 24/7 like they’re supposed to. You’ll feel excited to have more subscribers and discovery calls booked with ideal clients.

Here’s how to get started


Step 1 – Make your payment by clicking the red button.
Step 2 – You’ll instantly get information on next steps and how to book your Blog Optimization Session.
Step 3 – We’ll have our call to get you started on a plan to optimize your health blog to get more subscribers, comments, shares, and clients.
Step 4 – Implement the suggestions and watch your blog attract your ideal clients easily and effortlessly!

Any questions? Shoot me an email: leesa [at]

Click here to get your Single Blog Post Optimization Plan for just $97

Click here to get your VIP Health Blog Optimization Plan for just $297

Here’s what people are saying:

“I love that I got clarity and confidence on how to move forward using my blog to connect with ideal clients. I feel like I have a plan now and it doesn’t seem so overwhelming. At the end of our session, I felt like I knew exactly what I needed to change or make minor tweaks to.

Instead of just winging it, I wanted to ask an expert. I whole-heartedly recommend Leesa’s services to anyone who needs help getting their blog started or to anyone who needs assistance in getting it to the next level. I really feel like she cut my learning curve time by 70% or more!

Leesa knows what she’s talking about and is thorough (and super friendly).”

~ Michele Anderson
Mind-Body Health Coach

“Before I started working with Leesa I wasn’t paying too much attention to how I was using my blog. Worrying about SEO, keywords, and share buttons seemed too complicated and overwhelming. In just 45 minutes together, Leesa was able to teach me some simple to implement steps that helped make blogging so much easier and more effective.

Leesa is extremely dedicated to helping her clients achieve ease and flow in their blogging efforts as well as in their business. She is a dream come true for any health and wellness practitioner who wants to grow their business and create a reputable brand.

I highly recommend Leesa to anyone in the health and wellness industry who wants to make their blog stand out and gain attention!

– Jill Kane, CHC
Wellness & Weight Loss For Busy Women

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health blog optimization plan

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