Health & Wellness Professionals:
Want to be THE credible and reliable expert in your field?

Need help with your health research?

You have a topic and you want to know what the research says. Are there clinical studies or just animal/cell studies? Are the studies recent? What do they conclude?

You want to use the studies as references for your next post, product, or program!

If you want someone to find you the studies you need, review them and summarize the conclusions in plain English I can help you!

Each research summary includes:

  • 1  specific health question/topic to be researched.

  • I dive into PubMed to find the most recent highest quality studies on that topic. I summarize up to 10 of the most recent, highest-quality studies for you.

  • I review the studies, rank them for quality, translate the main conclusions into plain English, and provide you with the link(s).

Here’s an example of how I clearly tabulate the studies for you:

Custom research summary report

You know your niche is flooded with professionals, but you’re stumped as to why it’s not working for you. You blog, but almost no one is commenting on or sharing your posts, let alone signing up for your email list or becoming clients.

“You want referrals from doctors or other healthcare professionals but your lack of credible content is holding you back from putting yourself out there.”

You know your stuff, you’ve done the research, you’re a credible practitioner, so why can’t you seem to express that with your copy? Without credible copy, it will be hard to get referrals from doctors or other healthcare professionals. That’s where I come in.

You feel pressure to blog, but it’s a struggle that sometimes doesn’t seem worth the effort. You’re frustrated because you’re taking time away from clients to do something that seems to have little to no payoff.

You invest time and energy on your blog posts and you want to feel confident that the time was well spent. You’re not sure what you need to do to get your blog to convert readers into subscribers and clients.

Let’s face it: research can be boring! It takes so much time to find the best studies, then they’re not exactly the easiest things to read.  don’t know who to trust, don’t know how to sound like an authority, want to get people to trust our blog

I am that person!

I’m the person that does the research you might not have time (or want) to do. I spend hours upon hours sifting through research articles, I pinpoint the iffy research with the good stuff… that’s why I built a business out of providing you with the credible content…. So you don’t have to do what you don’t WANT to do, but still get the credibility.

You’re ready for your blog to get the attention it deserves. You’re eager to go from a best kept secret to an authority in your field. You can’t wait to learn how to maximize your blogging efforts and attract a steady stream of new subscribers on autopilot.

You’re excited to see sales start rolling in for your products and/or programs. You’re looking forward to more potential clients contacting you to set up discovery calls.

Don’t you wish someone could tell you exactly what to do to make your blog posts attract more subscribers and clients?

I’ll help you get more readers to sign up for your email list and attract more ideal clients using your blog posts. You’ll learn exactly the things you need to turn your blog into a marketing tool that consistently grows your business.

That’s what you’ll get with the

Single Blog Post Optimization Plan

Here are some of the amazing results you’ll get from the Single Blog Post Optimization Plan:


  • Be empowered, having valuable strategies that will help convert readers into subscribers.

  • Start to see more loyal readers and subscribers signing up to work with you.

  • Be pumped to blog, knowing your email list is growing and your waiting list will soon be full.

Your Single Blog Post Optimization Plan Includes


Blog Post Optimization Session

Our Blog Post Optimization Session is a 45-minute video call (which will be recorded). Together we’ll dive into one of your published blog posts on the screen and look at all the opportunities you have to increase subscribers, comments, shares, and grow your readers’ interest in your products and services. I’ll share all of my ideas and suggestions (I don’t have a maximum as to how much value I give you in this session).

Blog Post Optimization Checklist

My Blog Post Optimization Checklist is full of simple things you will be able to implement right away to help your readers subscribe to your email list, share your posts, and get them interested in your products and services. Together we’ll identify your action items for quick wins and long-term growth.

Blog Post Optimization Plan

With your checklist complete we’ll set your priorities into a personalized actionable plan. You will be empowered about your blog because these powerful strategies will help your posts attract more subscribers 24/7 like they’re supposed to. You’ll feel excited to have more discovery calls booked with ideal clients.

I’d love to help you attract more subscribers and clients using your health blog!

Are you ready?

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Click here to get your Single Blog Post Optimization Plan for just $97

Here’s what people are saying:

“SO AWESOME! Thank you for your brilliance ?

I’ve never felt so excited to blog. Having a plan is seriously going to make a world of difference. Looking forward to digging in.
Thanks again Leesa!”


– Yvette, Passionate Cook, Educator, Holistic Nutritionist, Wife, Mama ♥

“I just had a great session with Leesa Klich planning my content calendar for the next three months. I feel like I have a plan and some organization to my planning for the next while. This is a great way to start the new year. Thanks for all your help! I’m feeling great about the next few months.”

– Jenna, CHN & PhD
Spark Wellness

Click here to get your Single Blog Post Optimization Plan for just $97