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Custom PubMed Research for Health Topics

Need help with your health research? You have a topic and you want to know what the research says. Are there clinical studies or just animal/cell studies? Are the studies recent? What do they conclude? You want to use the studies as references for your next post, product, or program! If you want someone to find you the studies you need, review them and summarize the conclusions in plain English I can help you! Each research summary includes: 1  specific health question/topic to be researched. I dive into PubMed to find the most recent highest quality studies on that topic. I summarize up to 10 of the most recent, highest-quality studies for you. I review the studies, rank them for quality, translate the main conclusions into plain English, and provide you with the link(s). Here’s an example of how I clearly tabulate the studies for you: Investment: US$150 for the first 3 studies; US$30 for each additional one