Simple (nerdy) steps on how to deliver and price your health program

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Simple (nerdy) steps to decide how to deliver and price your health program so you actually make money, based on your current business metrics

I made this mistake and I see it all the time: Trying to sell lower-priced products with a “low-touch” sales process to a smallish audience. It’s a recipe for chronic low-income-itis. And if this is you (No shame! I totally know what it’s like!) then you can end it today using this simple technique.

I invite you to watch this video if you are:

  • Launching a health or lifestyle program and struggling with how to deliver and price it
  • Frustrated with low-income-itis from nebulous and intuitive pricing concepts
  • Looking forward to a fresh, nerdy take on delivery and pricing strategies
  • Love the credibility of being science-based and sharing well-supported health information

Some business coaches advise clients to price programs based on “what feels good” or “your worth.” I don’t know about you, but those data points don’t really speak to me. Personally, I need to use some facts and numbers to figure this one out. I’m much more of an inquisitive person rather than an intuitive one, so I’ll show you how I approach this in hopes that it will help you too.

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If you are looking to launch a health or lifestyle program and you’re struggling with how to deliver and price it (or you just want a fresh, nerdy take on delivery and pricing), I’ve created this video to help you out.

This video goes over:

  • The critical differences between program content and blog content
  • Where to get a healthy lifestyle program and what format each individual tip/lesson/module should be in
  • The best tech to deliver your program content (hint: whatever works for you and doesn’t go against that platform’s rules)
  • How to realistically price your program considering your income goal, engaged audience size, and sales process (in other words, let’s use 3 simple business metrics to come up with an intellectually informed number)

Here are the simple steps to decide how to deliver and price your program so that you reach your income goals:

You need:

  1. Your income goal (top-level, gross income).
  2. How big is your engaged audience?
  3. What is the conversion rate for your sales process?
  4. NOW you can see your target price for your program.

The bottom line is that the smaller your engaged audience and sales conversion rate, the MORE you need to charge for your program. It’s simple (intuitive?) math.

Plus, charging higher prices when you’re starting out is a good thing! It gives you a chance to give A+ high-end service to help those few clients really reach their health goals. Using this business model you get coaching experience, feedback on improving your program, and amazing testimonials! Win-win-win! These three things are going to allow you to improve your programs and raise your prices the next time around.

I wish I’d started my business with this knowledge!

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Once you have a customized high-quality healthy lifestyle program, you can deliver and sell it however you want to. Choose your format and tech, then plug 3 numbers into a simple formula to figure out what price you should sell it for. Easy peasy (and intentional vs intuitional).

Signing off and toasting: To selling programs in a way that reaches your income goals based on your current business model.

Over to you

How do you decide what format and tech to use to deliver your programs? How have you priced them in the past?

Let me know in the comments below! πŸ™‚

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