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You’re busy with your health practice. You don’t have the time or energy to research and write professional-quality, easy-to-read, engaging articles that reflect your excellence and attract more ideal clients and patients.

Do you want your health content to generate more high-quality leads without spending all of your time on it?

Do you want to provide valuable content to potential new clients and patients while focusing your energy on what you enjoy (like client relations)?

Do you want to establish trust and grow your authority with science that’s presented in a way that’s easy for your audience to understand and learn from?

Welcome! You’ve come to the right place!

Every day there’s more and more health information published on the internet. It’s getting harder to be seen and stand out. And you know that average “OK-ish” content simply doesn’t cut it online anymore (nor does it reflect the quality of your practice).


As a professional and business owner, there are so many things that need to be done—including attracting new clients and patients. Your blog content needs to reflect your high standards and provide evidence-based valuable information in a way that is relatable and friendly. Using professionally pre-written premium done-for-you articles helps to scale your credibility, convert readers into subscribers and inquirers, and lets you focus your energy on other areas—like helping your current caseload of paying clients.


Let me do your painstaking (yet powerful) research, blog post writing, and content marketing for you!

Get these premium science-based done-for-you articles in your pocket now to stand out as a trusted authority in the crowded, often unqualified, $4.5 trillion wellness market!

All products have been carefully researched and created to help you:

⏱️Save dozens of hours
🤩Gain your clients’ trust
💰Save money
⭐Build your brand and health practice
💻Stand out online

Health scoop (new study updates) (done-for-you mini-articles; pre-written; fully customizable) – Use these to stay in touch with and nurture the relationship you have with your current subscribers. The Health scoops are 600-800-word mini-articles to send to your email list about new studies in your field. They include a short intro to the topic, a summary of the study, and a few tips they can action.

Health articles (done-for-you; pre-written; fully customizable) – Epic 2- and 3-part well-researched 2,000-6,000 word articles to customize and publish on your blog to attract new clients and patients, as opt-in lead magnets to grow your list, to share with your subscribers and social media followers, or even to include in your paid programs and services.

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What people are saying about these health articles:

“I’ve purchased other “done for you” health articles and sometimes they don’t resonate with me at all and become completely unusable. With Leesa’s, they’re always very thorough and science based. If there is a section that doesn’t apply to my clientele I can always take out that section and it still has bulk.”

– Andrea, B.Sc, RHN, R.BIE

I’ve been using Leesa for a few months now, and I totally love using her DFY blogs! It saves me time on those days when I just run out of steam keeping up with writing my own blogs, while trying to build a biz and taking care of life generally.

I love her content. It’s easy to read and understand, and she has great links! I also love the fact that I can alter the content to my heart’s content to make it sound more like my own voice.

I’m a flowery writer, that means it tends to get long. Leesa’s content is just the right length.”

– Rebecca, C.H.N.C.

You’ll be publishing high-quality content written by a seasoned professional writer, Leesa Klich, who knows health science and the wellness industry inside and out.

  • To have a reputable writer create custom ghostwritten researched articles just like these would cost you several hundreds of dollars (or more) for every single one!
  • (In fact, if you’d like an article specially written just for you, complete the form linked here and I’ll be in touch within two business days.)
  • Because these are pre-written and available to the first 73 people for instant download, they are literally a tiny fraction of the cost.
Leesa Klich coffee

Are you asking yourself any questions?

Of course! To see examples of a few shorter and longer articles that I’ve researched and written for other sites, check out my portfolio page here.

The articles and programs marked “premium” come with customization prompts right in the content (e.g., sleep, food cravings, stress). These prompts sound like: “reorganize these points so your ideal clients’ main pain point is first,” and “include your affiliate link here.” The prompts are highlighted in yellow, so they’re easy to spot and remove so you can have a polished and unique piece.

For more ideas on how to customize your done-for-you content, check out my blog post all about customizing content here.

People who subscribe to my email list periodically get a chance to vote on the next few topics. Feel free to subscribe to my email list and reply to any email I send you with your topic ideas so I can add them to the survey the next time it goes out. Then, vote. 🙂

If you need something more customized or quicker, you have three options:

1 – You can request a customized ghostwritten article for you alone (i.e., not a done-for-you article that’s going on this site for 72* other wellness pros – but one I write just for you), click here to check out my freelance health writing portfolio and request your article with the big red button at the bottom.

2 – If you need a done-for-you article in the next month or two, you can bump your topic to the top of my long queue of requested topics AND get 30-days exclusive access to the article for $300. Not only will your topic be prioritized, but you’ll have 30-days to publish it, customize it, and promote it to your audience before Leesa adds it to this page for sale to 72* other wellness pros. Click here to request a done-for-you article on your health topic and get 30-days exclusive access.

3 – If you don’t really have a timeframe, but you’d like an article on your topic eventually, simply email me your topic ideas (leesa [at] You can also subscribe by email here to be notified when new ones become available.

*Yep, I cap the sales of these health articles at 73 (’cause that was a cool year to be born!). 🙂

Excellent! Then you can borrow my “science brain” and re-purpose any one of these into your audio or video format. These are all well-researched articles, full of scientific references, so the information is solid.

You can do this by reading through the article and highlighting key points. Then, record yourself sharing that information while using the key points as a guide on what to talk about next.

No way! These are not sold pre-packaged together. You can pick and choose any articles you want and publish them whenever you need to, or when they fit into your content strategy.

This is SO important. Here’s why: some of your ideal clients *may* be following other people in the field who offer something similar to you. Put yourself in their shoes. If you received a newsletter or social media post on the same topic from two or more people at the same time, how trustworthy does that seem? How genuine does it seem? How much do you think one is an expert over the other? How would you choose who is best to help you reach your health goal?

Of course, no matter what, you should customize any done-for-you content to fit your voice. But, since these are not sold bundled together in a particular order, and are discontinued as soon as the 73rd* is sold, there won’t be hundreds of people publishing the same content at the same time. I’m a firm believer in being a credible and trustworthy expert and setting yourself apart from the rest of the $4.2 trillion wellness industry.

*Yep, I cap the sales of these health articles at 73 (’cause that was a cool year to be born!). 🙂

Great! Each article is sold individually, so just pick however many you want. These are great to fill in your content calendar when you just don’t have the time to create something awesome yourself.

When you purchase your license to use this article you can:

  • Publish it as your own on your blog (YOU are the author).
  • Send it out to your subscribers via email.
  • Record a video or podcast episode talking about the credible health information.
  • Pull out quotes and excerpts for social media posts.
  • Give them to your paying clients or email subscribers who are seeking better health.
  • Create a trust-building webinar or workshop.

*Please don’t re-sell or distribute any done-for-you content to other healthcare professionals or anyone else for their business/commercial use or in any way that earns them money or marks/grades/credits for their education. Please don’t submit them anywhere else as your own (i.e., as a guest post or to your school). NOTE: By purchasing this article, you are the only one granted a limited license to use it.

If you do want health content created where it is custom-made to your specifications, or that you can sell it to other practitioners, check out my custom content options over on my portfolio page here.

To preserve the exclusivity of these premium high-quality done-for-you health articles, each article is capped at just 73*–then they’re automatically sold out. You don’t want to see hundreds of your fellow wellness pros with the exact same content as you, do you? How does that look to your ideal clients who are probably following several other practitioners for the same thing? If you see some you want, grab them soon because when they’re gone, they’re gone forever.

*Yep, I cap the sales of these health articles at 73 (’cause that was a cool year to be born!). 🙂

These done-for-you health articles are a great, budget-friendly way to get consistent high-quality content to your blog readers, email subscribers, and social media followers.

If some of your blog posts are already ranking well on search engines, you know how epic, exclusive, high-quality long-form articles they are.

Congrats, by the way (I know how hard it is)!

FUN FACT: Every single article you publish does not have to be optimized for search engines–I don’t even do that!

These health articles are awesome when you want to build your authority and fill in for those times you just can’t do it yourself … and you want to get the most epic, researched, niche-specific DFY articles (like these ones). And you want to get done-for-you articles that are only sold to a few dozen people before they’re automatically discontinued* (like these ones).

Here’s my recommendation: Use done-for-you health content for weeks you can’t create your own blog posts, and/or incorporate them into your free opt-in incentive, paid programs, newsletter and social media content.

If you truly want to rank on Google and you want at least a few epic “skyscraper” 2,000+ word posts, then ditch done-for-you altogether and check out my custom content options here.

*Yep, I cap the sales of these health articles at 73 (’cause that was a cool year to be born!). 🙂

I can definitely research and write something exclusively for you!

I charge $1/word for ghostwritten researched articles just like these (that’s $1,000 for 1,000 words). If you’d like a post specially written just for you, we can chat when you complete the form linked here.

What people are saying:

“As always, budget is a concern so I was worried about pricing. Also, didn’t know whether I’d be satisfied with final pieces.

I was thrilled to learn I could get a quality piece of writing for such an affordable price. I had the opportunity to check out some of her pieces and was very pleased with the quality and professionalism.

I’ve saved SO MUCH time and stress, by not having to worry about creating these pieces myself.

I have confidence in knowing I am giving up to date, evidence-based guidance to my clients. Leesa is a science-nerd, a rare breed 🙂

I would recommend Leesa’s writing to anyone health, wellness, nutrition-related business who doesn’t enjoy the researching and/or writing process.”

– Yvette, CHN

I’ve been using Leesa’s done-for-you articles and I am blown away by the value. These posts are epic, with citations to back them up (which I am always too lazy to do!).

Her writing is simple enough that it’s easy to add your own voice and personality, and her attention to detail in terms of grammar, spelling, and punctuation is amazing. If you’re struggling to create content for your biz, I highly recommend checking them out.

– Maranda, RHN

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