How to attract ideal clients: The one blog post you’re missing!

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How to attract ideal clients: The one blog post you’re missing!

How to attract ideal clients - old speaker on old chair in field.


Your blog is supposed to get you found online by your ideal clients, impress them so they sign up for your email list, and maybe sell some of your awesome stuff.


There is one kind of blog post you can (should?) put out there every once in a while to attract ideal clients.

Let’s look at three completely different examples of these posts to see how to attract ideal clients.


It’s called the “calling in your ideal clients” blog post


I first heard about these through Katrina Ruth a while back. She unabashedly puts herself out there daily, oozes authenticity, and gives zero f*cks if you like her or not.

You see, she’s not trying to attract everyone. She only wants to work with the “1% within the 1%” of kickass women entrepreneurs.

She creates her “calling in your ideal client” posts that describes her ideal clients to a “T” and resonates with them–and them only!

You don’t have to be controversial at all–you just have to be selective on whom you want to attract, understand them very well to create a great post, then get it in front of as many of them as possible.




You can see from the title alone who Katrina wants to attract. If you’re not a current female leader, this isn’t for you, so don’t waste your time.

As you read this post you’ll notice that she hits on:

  • Where her ideal clients are right now vs. where they want to be.
  • Asks a key question about why they’re not doing what they need to do to get where they want to go.
  • Gives them a challenge to do it.


You too can use this formula, in your own words, with your own style, to attract your ideal clients.


Example #2: A Love Letter To My Dream Client


Margo Carroll wrote a fabulous love letter to attract people who would be absolutely perfect for her to work with.

In this love letter Margo:

  • Sets the stage by describing how she and her ideal client have the same vision and a deep abiding passion to change the world together.
  • Confirms that she’s not just any average copywriting contractor who punches the clock for cash-ola.
  • Creates a vision of success of partnering with her, with a P.S. That she only works with the best.

Margo gets deep and personal with this love letter. Maybe you want to try this style of calling in your ideal clients?


Example #3: 10 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re a Domain Name Junkie


You can see right from the title who this Smart Blogger post is targeting: domain name junkies. Is this you? Great! If not, move along.

This post:

  • Starts by resonating with the person. I can just see domain name junkies nodding their heads as they read the into, and thinking: “Yes! That’s so true!”
  • Then, he really relates to his ideal client by telling a personal story.
  • The post is filled with examples of what a domain name junkie thinks and feels – it’s just SO relatable.

If you can relate to your ideal clients with many examples that resonate like this – try creating a blog post with this formula!


Before you create one of these blog posts


First, know that it’s A-OK and even recommended that you use a few different kinds of blog posts. Unless you want to be the next Wikipedia, where every post/page has a known and predictable format, you should consider mixing up your styles from time to time. Don’t always create educational posts, or personal stories, or expert roundups, or trend predictions, or gift guides, or how-tos, or personal opinion posts. Unless that’s the ONE style you want to be known for (which is A-OK if that’s your goal), mix it up a bit!

Second, no matter what type of blog post you publish, they should always reflect your USP = Unique Sales Proposition. This is your branding, your mission, what you stand for and all of those things that make YOU unique in the marketplace.

Third, you don’t have to frame these as a “repellant” post to create controversy and push people away, you can be as sweet as pie, while talking directly to your ideal client sharing your message in their words.


Don’t forget to do this (or your post will fall flat)


Once you’ve created your own personal “calling in your clients” blog post, don’t just hit “publish” and put it out there to your followers once. Send it far. Send it wide. Send it everywhere your ideal clients hang out. Share it. Promote it. Make sure it gets in front of them so they see your irresistible headline (several times!).




Try calling in your ideal clients with a blog post created specifically to do this!

Schedule them into your editorial calendar every once in a while and make sure that you promote the heck out of them so it gets in front of as many ideal clients as possible (and calls in as many as possible).

Try calling in your clients with a blog post specifically designed to do this. #HowToAttract #ClientAttraction #Blog Share on X


Signing off and toasting: To attracting ideal clients with a blog post that gets in front of them, speaks directly to them, and “calls them in.”


Over to you

What do you think? Have you created and promoted a post like this before? What happened?

Link to it in the comments below and let us know!

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  1. Hi, I have created a blog post and shared parts of it on social media. I found sharing it to my email list and Facebook Group the best and I get replies or comments better that way.

    I am still working on how to speak to my ideal client as I get to know her better.


    • That’s great Luana! I find getting to know your ideal client and increasing engagement is an ongoing process as your business evolves.

      All the best!


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