Two reasons your health blog isn’t growing your email or client lists

Done for you pre-written health content


Two reasons your health blog isn’t growing your email or client lists


Has this happened to you?

  • Somebody finds a short generic blog post you published on a random topic.
  • They are SO impressed with it they want to join your email list, so they scroll around searching for that opt-in box. They see at the very top of the sidebar is your “join my newsletter” box to get your “freebie” and excitedly give you their email address.
  • Your “freebie” was thrown together in maybe an hour. It doesn’t show your potential clients how to take the first step to work with you, nor does it promote any of your paid offerings. Regardless, they’re just SO impressed with your work that they go back to your “work with me” page to see what you offer and how they can become your client.
  • BOOM they purchase from you! 🙂

Has that even happened once?

Ya…. nope – it hasn’t, has it?

Here are the two BIGGEST mistakes you are making when it comes to blogging as a health & wellness professional. And, the simple strategies that you can start today to fix them!

0:00 – Has this ever happened to you (it’s never happened to me)?

2:04 – Three facts:

FACT: In April 2018 over 83 million blog posts were published… on WordPress alone! (ref)

FACT: In 2015, the Health & Wellness industry was worth over $3.7 trillion dollars (yes, with a “t”)! (ref)

FACT: This industry is so lucrative, TV & movie stars keep joining in. (ref)

Psst, did you hear who just joined in last month?

4:15 – Big problem #1!

6:28 – Here’s how to create a content strategy mission statement

Here’s how to write an article for your health blog

7:00 – Big problem #2!

7:56 – Here’s how to make a better opt-in “freebie” that strategically grows your email list.

10:25 – It’s a GREAT time to be in health & wellness now!

11:24 – One huge benefit I saw from consistently publishing high-quality niche-specific blog content (it involves impressing potential clients who went out of their way to inquire to work with me).

12:16 – One question you should ask everyone who wants to work with you.

Want me to help you turn your blog into a “content marketing machine” to attract more subscribers and clients (no pre-qualification form required!):

  • If you’re starting out and want us to go over one blog post together, then the Single Blog Post Optimization Plan is for you. I’ll point out a bunch of tweaks that you can implement right away on all of your blog posts. These will help you to start turning your blog into a business-building asset. Oh, and you can ask me anything about blogging, content marketing, or health research too!
  • If you’ve been blogging for a while and want a deeper dive into your blog including strategic use of categories and opt-in “freebies,” how to be consistent, broken links that need fixing, social media shares, etc. then the VIP Blog Post Optimization Plan is for you (and you can ask me anything too!).

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If you are completely happy with how your health blog content is growing your email and client lists, then congrats! Maybe you have some more advice to include in the comments below?

If my #truthbomb that ‘a lot of blog content and opt-in “freebies” kinda suck’ resonates with you, then it’s time to “pull up your socks a bit.” Blogging and content marketing is an online business essential; and in a growing market, you NEED to stand out with awesome content that is high-quality, niche-specific, engaging, and rocks your uniqueness!


Signing off and toasting: To some awesome content and opt-in “freebies” coming up on YOUR health blog in the very near future!


Over to you

Would you rate your content as “definitely doesn’t suck” and “strategically grows my ideal client list just fine?” Do you need a bit of help in the blogging and content strategy department? Do you have a question or comment I may be able to address on my blog for you?

Let me know in the comments below! 🙂

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